Collection Evaluation and Weeding

By Elma Daniel

Weeding the 360's Section of the High School Media Center

Choosing a section of books to weed from the media center was easier than expected. The school is only six years old, and unfortunately it does not have an overabundance of books. After printing out the Follett Titlewave report, the media specialist highly recommended weeding the 360's section due to the large number of outdated books. The 360's section, Social problems and social services, had over 400 titles that were over five years old, which is over the recommended acceptable age range. I chose to focus on the Psychology GPS, SSPVB3: The student will identify abnormal behavior and treatment.

Data Evaluation

Since the high school is fairly new, we focused our data research based on the age of the books and the circulation from the opening of the school in 2009. In the 360's section there are over 400 books, so I chose to narrow the focus to the 362 section only since it fell within the GPS I chose. Below is a pie chart that represents the ages of the books in this section, and also a bar graph that represents the circulation of the books since 2009. There are 101 books represented in this pie chart, and all of them are over seven years old.
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Curricular Needs

I chose to focus weeding process based on the Psychology GPS: SSPVB3: The student will identify abnormal behavior and treatment. This is a high school course, and based on the standard, students must identify, describe, analyze, compare, and distinguish various types of abnormal behaviors and even describe appropriate treatments for these diagnosed disorders. There were not many books to choose from with this criteria, but based on the data, the books are used rarely or not circulated at all.

Weeding List

The following is a list of titles that I am proposing to weed from the media center. Even though there were many other titles that were out of the appropriate date range, I focused my weeding recommendations based on the chosen GPS. All of these titles fall outside of the appropriate age range (5 years) based on the Titlewave report, and none of them have ever been circulated since the opening of the school in 2009. All of these books look brand new, but may have never even been viewed by a teacher or student. They are not superseded by better works, but a few other titles are available. I also feel that after an evaluation and conference with the Psychology instructors, more relevant titles could replace these. Based on the circulation and age of the books, they have no use in the media center and should be weeded from the collection.

Anorexia (2005) - book is lost, never circulated

Mental Health ((2008) - never circulated

Mental Illness (2007) - never circulated

Suicide (2007) - never circulated

Suicide (2008) - never circulated

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Disposal of Weeded Items

According to the media specialist, the district policy on weeding books is listed below:

  1. Books out of the appropriate age range should be removed.

  2. Books should have the barcode and school information removed.

  3. Weeded books may be shared with students, classroom teachers, other schools in the district, or local libraries.

  4. Books that are no longer relevant may be destroyed.

After discussing the weeding policies with the media specialist, it is my recommendation that these titles be removed from the media center and offered to the Psychology teachers for classroom usage. She expressed that the one teacher that instructs this course has many resources in his classroom and online that are utilized. If he does not want the books for his classroom, then I feel recommend that they be offered to students or other teachers in the school. The media specialist could also send out an email to the other libraries in the district to inquire their needs or wants for these titles. As a last resort, these books should be sent to a local public library or college for use. They would be excellent resources for college students that are studying Psychology or Counseling.