By Savannah Cespedes


Eris is a dwarf planet--the largest dwarf planet in our solar system. It was first thought to be bigger than Pluto, but then they realized that Eris is actually a bit smaller. Since naming the dwarf planet after the Greek goddess Eris, they decided to name the moon it has: Dysnomia (the daughter of the Greek goddess). The surface of the planet is an icy glaze (almost like snow has fallen), and because of that, it reflects as much sunlight as it possibly can causing it to look like it's on fire. (Scientists believe the surface temperatures vary from about -359 degrees Fahrenheit to -405 degrees Fahrenheit.) The composition of Eris is believed to be rocky, similar to Pluto's.

The revolution of the planet has been said to be 557 Earth years and the length of a day on planet is 26 hours. Two more hours than Earth's length of a day. Also, scientists say that Eris is 96.4 astronomical units away from the Sun. (Pretty far, isn't it?)


There has been no missions that has reached Eris and explored it.