Gertrude Ederle

By Alie Wing

Gertude Ederle

This is her when she was the first one to swim the English channel.

Gertuerde Ederle

they took this picker when she was the first one to swim the English channel.

haw long Gertude Ederle swam.

the record is about 34,300.And the score for swimming is 28,100.

Swam across the ocean

When Gertude Ederle swam across the ocean she was the luckiest women because she was the first one I mean that is exciting and I was probably had fun she probably got persuaded by the people how swam and so she practiced and practiced and practiced so for her first time in the ocean she tried it out and she swam in the middle of the ocean and she liked it so she did it even more and then people wanted her to go on a trip and so she got really good at it so she went and she swam across the ocean and that is when everyone chaired and chaired and she was surprised.
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when did she start swimming? was she aloud in clubs or food places?


I want to sele aberat because she is berav to swim acrost the oshun.on october 23,1906. she was the third of six children and was raised in new York city ,where she lived in an apartnent next to her father's butcher shop.
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The ending part