4th Grade All Stars

January 17, 2014

Upcoming Events

January 20: No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 22: Family Math Night (English)

January 28: Dan Gutman will be at Joseph Beth Book Store at 4:00 pm
January 29: Family Math Night (Espanol)
February 13: AR Party (15 points from 12-13 to 2-12)

Math and Science

Math- We just completed our multiplication unit along with a cumulative review. Because we learned multiplication partially last semester and this semester, I allowed for students to make corrections to that part of the test (for half credit back). Most students did a wonderful job! I do want to remind parents that I provided ample opportunities for students to ask for help individually, ask questions, express concerns, and come to me for extra practice. At this point, students who made several mistakes on their test do not have the excuse that they did not receive the option for help before the test. In reviewing their study guides with them, students seemed confident and I helped them take ownership in the topics they really needed to study in order to prepare for the test. Reviewing previous math topics at home throughout the year can certainly be helpful!

Next week we will begin our unit on division!

Science- We are now starting our unit on weather! This includes learning about our atmosphere, weather properties, weather measurement tools, and types of weather patterns. Our goal is to test by the end of January, but I will keep you updated with our timeline as we progress.


Mrs. Dailey's class has PE on Thursday.
Ms. Schreiner's class does not have PE next week.

Reading and Social Studies

Reading: This week we are taking advantage of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and will be reading all about this historical figure. We will be discussing his character traits, studying important content vocabulary, and practicing our reading comprehension skills. The students will also be writing about their dream for the future of our country.

The students are working on publishing their pourquoi tales in Writing class this week. They are transferring their edited drafts onto the final copy of their book. They still need to work on their illustrations, but I hope to have these stories completed and shared by the end of the week.

In Language Arts, we will continue talking about figurative language, but we will also begin covering verbs.

Social Studies: This week we will be tying in Government to our study of Martin Luther King Jr. in Reading.

Notes from the teacher

Report cards went home today. Please sign the envelope under Term 2 and return the envelope in Tuesday. The report card and winter test results are yours to keep.

We are in need of a parent from each homeroom to volunteer their time to come teach Junior Achievement to your child's class. JA is a program to teach five Economics through hands on activities. Each lesson would be about 45 minutes long and all of the materials and even a script would be provided for you. You would need to come in one day before we begin to be trained by one of our counselors, Mrs. Flannery. After you are trained, we can work together to set up a schedule for you to come in and teach the lessons. Please let Mrs. Dailey or Ms. Schreiner know if you would be interested!

An update on Mrs. Dailey: As of right now, the baby is still on schedule to arrive at the end of February! We are all very excited, but I think I could use an extra snow day to get the nursery ready :)

As of now, we are in contact with a few interested subs and are in search of the perfect person for our class. If our baby girl comes on schedule (haha, right?) then I will be starting my maternity leave on/around February 26th. I DO PLAN TO RETURN THIS YEAR! If everything goes according to plan, I will return around May 1st to finish the school year with the students. Thank you for the well wishes and the much needed good luck!

Have a great three day weekend. Remember- no school on Monday!