Sky Ranch Rangers

By: Alyssa, Jaden, Ellie, Miles

What is Sky Ranch?

Sky Ranch is a place where you learn and have a BLAST at the same time. At Sky Ranch there are four different classes, Expeditions, Ranch Life, Native Americans, and Forces of Nature. After hours of working hard we have REC-time, a time where you do a lot of fun activities.

Native Americans

Native Americans is our last class and our favorite class. You learn about the tools,and weapons the indians use to hunt. One example is a tamahawk, and an axe. We learned how important the indians colors are to the tribe. You also get to shoot a real life bow and arrow. One of our favorite parts was getting a face paint and getting our native american names.


What is REC- time you ask? It is a fun time where you play games for two hours straight. After you learn you get to play at the activity center or you could go back to your cabin. Some of the games at the activities center is nine square, GaGa ball, basketball, pingpong, ziplineing, dodge ball, pool, and Newcome. At the pool there is a trapeze and a water slide.

THANK YOU! And we hope you have a wonderful time at Sky Ranch!