American Sniper

By: Chris Kyle


Chris Kyle was a United States Navy seal sniper who fought in the Middle East, he is also the sniper with the most confirmed kills in US history. Chris was born and raised in the state of Texas and loved cattle ranching. From a young age he was shooting guns, at the age of 9 he got a 30-06 from his father and that started off his firearms experience. Chris was raised in a close Christian family, his parents and his brother whom was in the United States Marines.

When Chris graduated high school he didn’t really know what he wanted to do, he knew he wanted to join the military but wasn’t sure what branch. When he went to the recruiters the Marines interested him the most but they were gone when he visited. Then a man from down the hall yelled, “hey come here” it was a Navy recruiter, Chris wanted to be in special ops but he didn’t think the Navy had anything for him. Then the recruiter started talking about the seals and how hardcore they were, this got Chris’s attention and he decided that is what he wanted to be, a US Navy Seal.

Once Chris was in the Navy he went through very vigorous training to become a Seal. He kept his strength high physically and mentally and meant all of the expectations. He was at his girlfriends house (Tanya) when he woke up to seeing the World Trade Center in flames he knew it was a terrorist attack. He went to his phone and he had many missed calls from the Navy telling him to report to base as soon as possible. On the way to the base he was going very fast and got pulled over by a police, he told the cop he was in the SEALS and he had to get to base as soon as possible the cop then said he would give him a personal escort to the base, they wanted revenge for the attack.

Chris was deployed very many times to Iraq and Afghanistan after 911 he was an excellent marksman. He got a total of 160 confirmed kills and set a record of one of the longest confirmed kills at a range of 2100 yards, this was achieved with his .338 Laupa magnum and a lot of skill. Every time Chris went on a deployment he had to say goodbye to his family and complete his mission, it was hard for him to leave his family behind.

Chris Kyle was killed on February 2nd 2013 in Erath County Texas. He actually was shot by a Marine whom had posttraumatic stress disorder at a gun range. Chris’s family suffered a huge loss, no one would had ever thought another service member would turn a gun on their comrades.

What Makes American Lit American?

This book shows a great deal of patriotism from a lot of different service members and their families. Chris wrote this book to tell about his experiences in the SEALS and conflicts in the Middle East. Chris is from the state of Texas and has always been patriotic since he was young. Chris never had to join the Navy, he never had to join the SEALS but he did because he wanted to fight for his country in a time of war.

Chris never probably intended the book to be as popular as it is but he wrote it to tell his story. Many authors that write about war don’t really have first hand experience or a US confirmed killed record to back them up. Chris is a unique author because he put things straight forward, the way they were, he put things bluntly. This is the style of writing I personally like, first hand experience and straightforward.

One thing about Chris and his writing is he is very specific, he tells specific dates and locations that some authors might think are unimportant. One other interesting thing I found in the book was a few pages of pictures, pictures of him, his team, family and experiences, this is a very nice touch because some of the things he talks about the every day person might not be able to picture in their head. He is very close to his SEAL team and talked about each individual quite a lot, so you really got to know each persons personality.

Being an American author with first hand experience is what makes American literature American, you can talk about something all you want but unless you have first hand account it may not be as interesting.

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Chris was very much a family man.

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This is a picture of Chris from a firing position somewhere in the middle east, the rifle Chris is operating is the .338 he used to get his longest confirmed kill

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This is a dope card, similar to one Chris would have used to determine range adjustment to make incredible shots at long range.