WBHS Lunch Bunch

Come take the chill off of test prep with colleagues!

Analysis, Analysis, Analysis...

It's a word thrown around frequently in our business of preparing students for all types of text. Let's explore it a little bit more to get to the core of what students need to be able to do--not just in our neck of the woods--but for the NEW SAT and beyond...

We will practice analysis with test questions, and discuss how to get students analyzing in our classrooms. There will be a variety of subjects available, so you can choose what suits you. PSSA, Keystones, and the NEW SAT (coming out after January 23, 2016) will be on the discussion menu.

Come find out more over LUNCH BUNCH!

WBHS Lunch Bunch--Take the Chill off of Test Prep

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 10:30am-1pm

444 Allport Cutoff

Morrisdale, PA

Come down to WBHS 140--anytime between 10:30-1:00!

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Get lunch (of course!)

Before: What is analysis?

During: Select and analyze a sample test question.

Discuss how to use in classrooms.

After: Reflection on www.socrative.com

Our room will be bustling and toasty...

Come on down to WBHS 140, January 21, 2016. 10:30-1:00. Don't miss this Lunch Bunch, because it won't be back for WBHS until MARCH!


Market Place Hoagies

West Branch Dairy Diner Soup

hot chocolate