Epic Poetry

Awesomeness by Andrew Tarlton

History and Overview of Epic Poetry

Epic poetry is usually incredibly long. Like a whole book long. It describes heroic and super human adventures of one or multiple people. Epic form has been used for a extremely long time.

Purpose of Epic Poetry

Epic Poetry is more for entertainment, it's purpose is to tell a story of one or more heroes or people very great.

Characteristics of Epic Poetry

There about six main characteristics of epic poetry.

The hero or super-human character is marvelous.

The environment, or setting is massive.

The activity composes of great deeds, courage, and valor.

The author of the poem attempts to be unbiased.

Is written in a unique technique.

Examples of Epic Poetry

Mrs Muppet

Mrs Moppet decided to go to the beach as it was such a sunny day. Loading up her car with kids and picnic they set off singing as they went. The road was long and very twisty and half way there with a loud noise the car groaned to a halt. Oh my said Mrs Muppet as clouds of smoke rose up from the hood. Luckily Mr Squirrel was passing by he knew a thing or two about cars. I will tow you to the garage he said your rad pipe has a leak. At the garage Mr Fix-it soon had things back to rights. So off they set, the kids singing again and soon the sea was in sight. They parked on the beach a-mid dunes and the kids hopped off to play. Not too far called Mrs Moppet setting out the rugs and towels. She set out the salad sandwiches, and carrot cake a firm favourite. From down the beach came a cry Biily Muppet had got stuck between two rocks Mrs Muppet tugged and tugged no way could she get him free and the tide was coming in. Bertie Badger seeing their plight came to help and in the nick of time they pulled Billy free. Time for food said Mrs Muppet inviting Bertie to join them, just as they were tucking in up blew a sand storm, burrow in and wait it out it will soon pass and it did but the heavens opened and down poured the rain soaking all the food. Oh my said Mrs Muppet what else can go wrong? Just then the rain stopped and out came the sun only drinks left the food is ruined said Mrs Muppet as a strong gust of wind carried off her grass hat and her skirts blew up around her ears. Brick-red in face she tugged them down quickly lets go home moaned the kids this is no fun. Packing everything up they set off for home But fate was not yet done with them and soon the car started started to buck along Whatever now, oh no, we have a flat tyre Mrs Muppet struggled hard to change the wheel but could not remove one of the nuts. It was growing dark and they were stuck in the middle of nowhere. The kids huddled close feeling scared as strange rustles and weird noises filled the night air. We may be here all night, said Mrs Muppet, lay out the rugs and try to sleep. The children settled down but found it too eerie, weird noises surrounded the car. Then came a tappety tap on the window making them all jump. Who is it? wavered Mrs Muppet. No need to fear it is only me said Randy Rabbit, do you need some help? Oh yes please Randy my tyre is flat and a nut is stuck fast. No problem, said Randy I will sort it out and setting to work he soon had it fixed. Thank you, thank they all chanted and Mrs Muppet invited Randy home for some dinner. Arriving home she soon set out a tasty meal and they all tucked in heartily. Well now I am sure you can guess the rest, they fell in love, married and eight weeks later six tiny baby rabbits were born. Which just goes to show every cloud does have a silver lining.