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The lovely Tierra Helada is located at 12000-15000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains. It's cold, usually between 20-55 degrees fahrenheit, so make sure to bring very warm clothes. The air is very thin, which can lead to altitude sickness if you move too fast, so be careful. Of course all of this is made up for with the sheer beauty of the area.

Tierra Helada

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The Tierra Helada offers activities such as climbing, hiking, and glacier viewing. During certain times of year tourists can observe the native Peruvians come up to worship the mountain gods in a beautiful tradition. The glaciers up at this height can grow or shrink over time.

Andes Snowline

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The people who live in the Tierra Helada region often live by mining the many minerals that are abundant in the mountain. Others grow Quinoa and potatoes, as well as raise llamas and alpacas. The Llamas and Alpacas help with clothing and transport of crops and minerals. Most of the food will be potato or quinoa based, due to value of llamas as transportation.

Andes Glacier

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Tierra Helada Glacier

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