AVID Fall Semester Exam

Kayla Toliver, 1-11-16, 7th Grade

Thought #1

Cornell Notes: Cornell notes have helped me take notes in a more organized fashion. The layout made my notes legible and it's easier to study. Cornell notes have helped me grow into a more organized student and will help me later in life.

Picture: http://www.uinta1.k12.wy.us/webpages/khaukaas/avid.cfm?subpage=1290783

Thought #2

Tutorials: This has helped helped me understand problems from my homework or any other worksheets from my core subjects. My tutor and peer students help me and show me the steps to the problem. Tutorials will answer my questions and help achieve the problem correct so I can get a 100.

Picture: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/15762667418731055/

Thought #3

TRFS: TRFS help me organize my thoughts when tutorials come around. With all it's different parts like the Essential Question and Point of Confusion, I actually know what I need help on. The Reflection on the back also helps me review on the question I needed help on and how I solved it.

Picture: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cI6VfeVH9l

Thought #4

Organization: This has helped me keep a clean binder and I'm able to look her things quicker. It helped me grow into more organized person and will definitely help me in college. Now, finding things is will be easy and nothing will fall out of my binder!

Picture: http://gatoravid.org/avid-classes/

Thought #5

Writing Skills: AVID assignments like Tutorial Grade Reflection Analysis and the Learning Log have both helped me on my writing skills. Cornell notes have also helped me. On every note, I use the best handwriting possible which makes a big impact on my writing.

Picture: http://serc.carleton.edu/sp/library/writing_assignments/index.html

Thought #6

Socratic Seminar: Every time our class participates in a Socratic Seminar, it allows me to speak my thoughts. Socratic Seminars let me say my ideas without being judged by others. In conclusion, it helps me to become a more social person.

Picture: http://gatoravid.org/avid-classes/

Final Thought

Anticipation: In my next semester in AVID, I'll work harder on my notes, writing, and organization skills. When I continue receiving AVID assignments like TRFs, Learning Logs, Grade Trackers, and Binder Checks; I'll be a grow into a successful college student. When college does arrive, It'll be a breeze thanks to AVID.