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Welcome to all of you new Tribal members. You have taken a great step in honoring your ancestors. You you have chosen to take a step in the right direction on the red road. We welcome you and we embrace you with blessings and a welcome heart. You are family!

Ancestry Article about Black and Natives Together.

The Binay Tribe

The Binay Yeha Noha tribe is a Native American tribal group consisting of

Chief Eaglefeather

Chief Eaglefeather is one of the sons of legendary Chief Grand master Black Hawk San Carlos. The real man that brought Okinawan Karate to America. However his-tory would change that and give that to a man by the name of: Robert Trias.

Chief Eaglefeather AKA Apache or E-Choch has supported his Native community for decades. As his father being a full blooded Native American: Mescalero Apache/ Akwasasne Mohawk. Chiefs mother was Black Native and Irish.

Chief Eaglefeather Has been a Keynote Speaker at many schools, Universities, Collages. And symposiums throughout America, and Canada.

Here is a list of a few of the things Chief Eaglefeather has done.

Ordained Minister of the gospel

Prophetic & Teaching and Healing ministries,

Licensed Christian Counselor

Official Documented Tribal Chief of Binay for over 20 years

Voted Chief of the Tri-Cities Inter-tribal Native American Association

for 3 years.

Assistant Chief of the NYC Warrior Society for 5 years


Men's Traditional Dancer

Recording artist CD's available on Amazon and CD baby

Lead Singer to Eagle Circle Drum Group

Story Teller

10Th Dan Black Belt [training since age 3]

5 Black Belts

Co-Founder of NYC Guardian Angels Safety Patrols Feb 13Th 1979

Founder of BIINAA AKA [Binay Yeha Noha Nation] 1989

Assistant Chief of the NY Warrior Society 1986

Keynote speaker at University of Texas. 2000

Keynote speaker many NJ High Schools 1998

Performed at the Saint John the Divine Cathedral in 1986 “A Giving Thanks to the Native Americans.” Performing with R. Carlos Nakai [Ray Carlos Nakai] And the Silver Cloud Singers.

1989 Theater performer and Poet at the Theater in the Park in Queens NY. 1989

People Magazine 1980 The Guardian Angels

New York Magazine 1979 The Guardian angels

New York Times 1989

New York Inquire 1979

Black Belt Magazine 1999

[The Guardian Angels]

Front page Magazine Section of the Daily News.

[The Guardian Angels] 1980

TV Performances

Kids are people to.

David Susskind show

TV Show 2020 The Guardian Angels

Good Morning America

More information:

Head Dancer at many Powwows

Lead Singer at many Powwows

Accomplished Native Crafts man

Arena Director for many Powwows 2007 & MC

Head man dancer for many Pow wows

TV show adviser for Were Fighting Back "About the NYC Guardian Angels Safety Patrols 1980

Saturday Night Live Twin Clip The Twin Dragons

Short Clip in the Charles Bronson Movie Death Wish

School programs and performances.

Inside note:

Chief Eaglefeather and Chief Night Wolf are the original

Founders of the Guardian Angels now headed by Curtis Sliwa.

After the two groups joined together Curtis group the Magnificent 13 and the

Twins group the Shaolin Protectors, the group became the Guardian Angels. Curtis Sliwa still ran his Magnificent 13 while Jerry and Jeff ran the Guardian Angels. They later left after serving the communities for nearly 20 years due to Curtis Legal practices. And Curtis Sliwa now claims that he is the soul founder of the crime fighting group.


Chief Eaglefeather is committed to his roots.

And to his tribal members. If you would like more information

or contact Chief Eaglefeather please use the information below.

To join the tribal group online you can find us on Facebook

or use our

To sign up with the tribe go to

For more information:

217-364-2045 [Tribal Office]

Join us on Facebook at:

Shinnecock Indian Pow wow

The Shinnecock Indian Reservation is in South Hampton LI in NY. A very cultural event and Natives from all over come to this Pow wow. Black, Red, Yellow and White Natives participate in this family event. If your native you would enjoy this ethnically enriched Pow wow.

Information on the Shinnecock Pow Wow
Big picture
Big picture

What not to do!

What not to do: Here is someone that has photo manipulated some pictures and inserted a black person into them. This is something that never should be done. I have had Natives ask me why is this done. And I think whomever is doing this isn't using the best smarts. And if you find someone doing this please voice your opinion. This makes us look desperate to prove who we are which we certainly do not need to do. Someone on Facebook posted this picture last year and its been getting circulation. I found someone who didn't wish to use her own picture using it as a profile picture. We have had excellent conversations about it and I hope she changes her picture to either herself or a picture promoting Black or Mixed Natives without stealing from the old ones. The pictures are below.

An Ancestry of African-Native Americans

Using government documents, author Angela Walton-Raji traced her ancestors to the slaves owned by American Indians. Angela Walton-Raji Binay members article [click to read more].

Use this link if you cannot click

Blessing Tribal Members

Wowapi Wakhan Kin Hey, Wakhanthanka Taku Kin Iyuha Echun Okihi Mathew 19:26 You will have to open your Sacred Road Book "Your Bible" to read the translation :D

Blessings everyone.

Chief Eaglefeather

The Binay Tribe Yeha Noha Nation
The Good Medicine People