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Parshat Ki Tetze'

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In this section we will be featuring Panim el Panim lead Rabbis, with a brief 60 seconds Dvar Torah for the Parsha!

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Rabbi Eli Adler for Ki Teze

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Be'Ayin Tova - In a good eye!

In this section we will be bringing 1 item each week of "good news" from Israel. So much good is going on today in Israel, be sure not to miss it! This week, read about the Torah revolution in Tel Aviv, click the link below to view full article!

'Meteoric' Rise in Religious Education in Tel Aviv

Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home) on the first day of classes Monday visited the “Reishit” school in Tel Aviv, a rapidly growing religious school in the traditionally secular city.

At the school, located in southern Tel Aviv, Ben-Dahan spoke before hundreds of students. Reishit boasts some 400 students, the highest number in its history.

If the students "work hard they can get to anywhere they want. Any one of you can be an IDF general, a rabbi, minister, or director of a large company," remarked Ben-Dahan at the school. "We need faith in religious and state matters."

"You are beginning your studies with mutual assistance, faith and the security that Israel belongs to us. With our faith we will defeat our enemies,” added the deputy minister.

According to Itai Garnak, head of the 'Zehut' Jewish values organization, there has been a “meteoric” rise in the number of students enrolled in religious state schools in Tel Aviv this year.

"We opened two first grade classes in all six religious elementary schools in Tel Aviv," he said. "There has been a real sprouting of religious education in the city this year."

Garnak said that many of the students are “refugees” from state secular schools who are now attending the religious schools as their families become more observant. According to school officials, 80% of the students will take state matriculation (bagrut) tests at the conclusion of their high-school careers.

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We are glad to see you here, and very excited to introduce you to our new eParsha blurb. We will be featuring 3 items every week BH, a 60 second video Dvar Torah, a Parsha picture riddler, and some good news from Israel!

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