THANKS for Attending!

Writing: the NEW DE Rubrics at the Feb 12 Cape Inservice!

Your Ideas Matter!

Thanks for attending and giving me valuable feedback and comments. As a new Literacy Specialist I really value your input!

A Summary of your thoughts...

  • The DE writing rubrics will be useful to you in your classrooms
  • They cut across core subjects therefore useful in CTE, Science and Social Studies lessons
  • They support the DE State Standards and Common Core
  • My video intro with goals set the tone
  • The Student Worksheet for a Score of 3 was useful
  • The rubrics support text-based evidence goals you use already
  • Loved the chill jazz music :)
  • The rubrics support your evaluation work through grades and points
  • More work around vertical articulation is needed in writing
  • Open to additional writing workshops and support

THANKS for you input and for being so open in the discussions.