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Supporting Your Student During Remote Learning

Focus on the positive!

Your student has been remote learning for a few months now, and it's more important than ever to emphasize 3 strategies: Consistency, Communication, and Connection. When you focus on these three strategies, and the positive aspects of them, students will feel supported and hopefully successful.

  • Consistency: Establishing routines and a schedule is important for student success in any learning situation. Where does your student learn? Identifying a set space for students to be successful can help them get in "school mode" and be ready to learn throughout the day. Time routines are also important. Setting wake up times and bed times is just part of this-- also identify times for play, screen breaks, and snacks. Sticking to a consistent school day schedule is key.

  • Communication: How are you opening lines of communication during remote learning?

    As a part of their classroom community, it's common for students to have daily virtual meetings with their class, teacher, and even small groups of other students. How are you connecting with the teachers? With your student's home school? Also, set aside time to talk to your student about how school is going, and what their successes and challenges are.

  • Connection: Building connections is an important way for students to be part of both social and academic communities. How can you foster connection for our students?

    • Check out events with your public library! Many libraries are having virtual events and activities, such as fan fests and craft lessons

    • Connect with other parents and neighborhood families. How can you collaborate to create fun and safe activities for children to play, interact, and socialize.

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Need support?

If you are having issues with a student Chromebook (won't charge, won't start up, login issues) please contact your student's teacher or school office. They will be able to properly route you to the best assistance. Please remember that restarting your student's Chromebook is also a great way to do some basic troubleshooting at home. Click here for a quick video on how to restart your Chromebook!
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