The United States

A large country located on the North American Continent.


The culture of the US is very diverse. In this country, people have many freedoms, such as freedom of religion, press, and expression. Many people who live in the US are immigrates, so there is a large variety of different types of culture. The southern part of the US relies heavily on farming and agriculture while the northern part of the country relies heavily on industry. People in the US wear a variety of clothing. They range from business suits to jeans and t-shirts. People in the US also work many types of jobs. Because of the Women's Rights movement, women are treated equally in the US and can attend universities and hold high ranking jobs.


Land and Climate in the US

The United States has a wide range of climate territories. There are northern cities and southern cities located on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In the mid-west, there are large prairie lands and fields where many cattle are raised and many crops are harvested. Mountain ranges exist in the west and east. The most southern states such as New Mexico and Texas have desert like land in many areas. The US does not have tropical rainforests.