Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

By Kimi Lau

Coastal Range

The Coastal Range are big mountain ranges made up of rugged mountains, fertile valleys, and rocky beaches. Coastal Range is located along the pacific coast where the water is near and the rocky mountains. The Coastal Range stretches all the way from Canada to Mexico! Its also located next to the Basin and Range on the right.

rate // 1 // there isn't much land to grow crops but there is a lot of water but im not sure if its salt water but you also will need food to survive.

Coastal Plains

The Coastal Plains are big wide lowlands stretching across Atlantic Ocean and borders the Gulf of Mexico. Most beaches are along the Coastal Plains because of the excellent harbors and the long sandy beaches. This region has a body of water on one side and sandy landform type on the other.

rate // 1 // yet again, still not enough resources to survive with, there's plenty of water but not enough sources to start off on

Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield are hills worn down by erosion with hundreds of lakes carved by melted glaciers. In this North America region, some of the oldest rock formations lie on this region. The Canadian Shield surrounds the Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes in a hourse shoe shape!

rate // 5 // there are many lake sources that are fresh water and water is mainly what they need to survive but food sources are not likely.