Gavin and Brianna

The History of Pharmeceuticals

The first medicinal drugs were all natural and existed in the form of roots, vines, fungi, plants, and herbs. The first synthetic drug was discovered in 1869, it was chloral hydrate and was introduced as a sedative-hypnotic. The first Pharmaceutical companies were byproducts from the synthetic dye and textiles industry. Today Pharmaceuticals are much more common than in the past and can be found at any local drug store. The Pharmaceutical industry and processes within it have certainly evolved since the first medicinal drugs. We can only assume that this industry will continue to evolve as the years go on. (

Au Natural vs. Chemically Engineered

.Au Natural products are more beneficial than chemically engineered products, and have little to no side affects. One Au Natural product is mint. Mint is considered to be one of the best and easy to find Au Natural products. It is common almost everywhere and is easy to grow and take care of. The health benefits of mint include digestion. Mint relieves stomach aches because it helps digest, which soothes stomach aches. It is also said to help nausea and sea sickness by sometimes simply smelling it. It also helps headaches and migraines, and has been in use for hundreds of years.Mint is also better because you can easily grow it for free, and it works better and faster than other drugs, which could also have bad side effects, and some people are allergic to these products.

Another Au natural product is acupuncture which originated in China, and has been used for over 2,500 years. Acupuncture helps with stress relief, back pain, sciatica, and other things that could greatly help people. Compared to the developed pharmaceuticals, this seems much better because not all patients respond to these other painkillers, and usually acupuncture is recommended.


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