Michael Jackson

Biogrophy By: Duncan Hulon


Michael Jackson Was Born on August 29, 1958, Gary, IN.He went to a school Talent Show and Everyone said Michael had a beutiful voice.They each Took turns holding the big Trophy They Had Won.Michael Jackson Had made Many people happy with his beautiful music Like Thriller,ABC,Smooth Criminal,Man in the Mirror,ect.
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Middle of His Life

Michael Jackson was a great singer and had a big impact on everyone a good one though.He Made all this beutiful Music for Everyone He was great when he was a kid but hes even better when he was a little bit older like his 20s when he was around that age he made songs like thriller,Man in the Mirror,Smooth Criminal,ect.We all loved him so much.He left his legacy as the king of funk his legacy was about Music and his children.this person was Great,Nice,Fun,Funny,and Great at singing.He took all sorts of risks like the risk of being a super star.He is my favorite Singer and quite overall interesting that is why i picked him.
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around the time he died

He was the best singer in the world to my opinion and he had defied gravity and was the best that is why he is special.I learned that he was called the king of funk and he was killed in january of 2009 that he had three kids.This is the reason michael jackson is my Hero Rest in peace.
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