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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of you near and far! I'd especially like to send a special wish to my oldest brother and my dad, who are two of the best teachers I know. So far, this has been a great week with gifts and special lunches. However, sometimes, we just need a special "pick me up" to get through the day. So, I've compiled a few of the best videos for your enjoyment.

EddieBComedy Explains Teacher Appreciation

This video was pointed out to me by several other teachers as a "must" to begin our Wednesday Professional Development with. Although it has only made the rounds on Facebook and not YouTube yet, it's a must see! This is Eddie B, a comedian and teacher from Chicago who explains Teacher Appreciation Week and the thoughts that every teacher has this time of year. In fact, he has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to "Things Teachers Say."

Kid President Motivates us All

By now, I'm sure you've all heard about Kid President and his wonderful videos. Perhaps my favorite one, and timely during this week, is the Pep Talk for Teachers and Students video. In it, he explains how we need to "keep being awesome" and that all teachers everywhere are making a difference. This little motivational mastermind is quite creative and his videos follow suit.

Principal Gerry Brooks is at it Again!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

By now, I'm sure you're familiar with Gerry Brooks, the elementary principal from Kentucky whose videos are absolutely hysterical. Well, he's at it again this week, posting Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas. Here are 4 of the best videos if you're needing any ideas for gifts!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Suggestions

If you're a principal and still needing ideas, here are a few suggestions for you!

There's still time to shop! Mr. Brooks walks through Home Depot to offer Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas! But wait, he didn't stop there! WalMart also has some wonderful ideas for gifts!

Thank you all!

It goes without saying how thankless of a job we make our living from. Teaching is the profession that makes all other professions happen. So, I want you all to know that you are the reason some students come to school each day, and you're appreciated by countless individuals more than you may realize! I wish you the best Teacher Appreciation Week possible!

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