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Educator of the Year Nominations

Educator of the Year Nominations

Do you know a classroom teacher or educational services professional who is dedicated, inspiring, and making a difference? If so, please take the time to recommend this person for the Governor’s Educator of the Year Program by completing this nomination form template and returning it to the building principal by NOVEMBER 24, 2021. Administrators, staff members, students, parents and community members are encouraged to participate.


• Be an exceptionally skilled and dedicated licensed classroom teacher (PreK to grade12 in a public or charter school) where teaching is the primary responsibility rather than administrative or supervisory responsibilities or an educational services professional (ESP) who is listed as one of the eligible enrollment areas

• Must have the latest summative rating of at least effective; if the teacher or the ESP has not received a summative rating at the time of application, then their most current practice rating should be at least effective or the equivalent

• Be an expert in the field who inspires students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn • Actively collaborate with colleagues, students, and families to create a strong culture of respect and success

• Demonstrate leadership and innovation in educational activities at the school, district and/or state and national levels that take place both within and outside the school setting

• Have the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues

• Have not earned the title of school, county or state Teacher of the Year nor ESP of the Year for the past five (5) years

Note: There is no requirement for minimum number of years in the classroom, however as an ambassador for education, this is an award based on merit and leadership and not to be given out solely based on years of service, like a retirement award.


Positions eligible are;

Anti-Bullying Specialist • Athletic Trainer • Behavior Specialist • Child Study Team • Cooperative Education Coordinator/Hazardous Occupations • Educational Interpreter (Cued Speech, Transliteration, Oral Interpreting, Sign Language Interpreting) • Guidance / School Counselor • Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant • Library Media Specialist • Mathematics Specialist/Mathematics Coach • Nurse (Instructional and Non-instructional) • Occupational Therapist • Paraprofessional (Instructional) • Physical Therapist • Psychologist • Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach • Social Worker • Speech Language Specialist • Student Assistant Coordinator • Technology Coach

Nomination Form

Should you choose to nominate a North Warren Regional staff member, have your nomination completed and to me by Wednesday, November 24!