Dragon Diary

November 8, 2019

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"Carroll Theatre is so excited to be one of the first high schools in the nation to present AMELIE! It is such a magical story of the power of imagination based on the award winning French film of the same name.

"Amelie is an extraordinary young woman who lives quietly in the world but loudly in her mind. She covertly improvises small but surprising acts of kindness that bring joy and mayhem. But when a chance at love comes her way, Amelie realizes that to find happiness she'll have to risk everything and say what's in her heart. Be inspired by this imaginative dreamer who finds her voice, discovers the power of connection, and sees possibility around every corner."

We have a wonderful production team Jamie Pringle (director), Mr. Cotton (technical director), Mr. Ramos (music director) and Mr. Lown (orchestra)) and we are working hard to present a wonderful evening of theatre showcasing the fine arts of Carroll Senior High School."

CSHS Veterans Day Assembly

The Senior High Veterans Day Assembly is Monday, November 11th at 9:45 am in the CSHS competition gym, with a luncheon to follow in the library for Veterans and family members. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Lindsey Jacobson or Stephanie Fuller

All those that wish to attend should plan to arrive a little prior to 9:30 am in order to avoid hallway and parking lot traffic and should bring a valid driver’s license for the front office.

CHS Veterans Day Assembly

The CHS Veterans Day Assembly will be on Monday, November 11th at 10:15 am in the CHS Gymnasium. CHS Student Council would like to invite any Dragon family members or friends who have served or are currently serving in the military. A luncheon for all our veteran guests and their CHS student will follow from 11:15am -12:15pm in the CHS Library. Please RSVP to sarah.millhorn@southlakecarroll.edu

Attendees will need to sign in at the front office so remember to arrive early and bring a valid driver’s license.

Semester Exams

Parents, please do not schedule appointments for students during exam weeks.

If it is an absolute necessity for students to leave, a parent/guardian may pick-up Freshmen or give written permission for Sophomores to sign out at passing periods only.

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Texas Department of State Health Services - Updated Vaping Materials

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has updated materials on vaping available on its websites with information on the vaping epidemic and resources for parents. Included in the websites link are resources re: dangers of vaping and how to quit.

The websites- https://www.dshs.texas.gov/vaping/ and state update- https://www.dshs.texas.gov/news/updates.shtm#vaping will be updated as information and resources continue to become available.

Vaping Discipline Process

Students in possession of any vape component or caught vaping will be now be referred to the campus SRO for prosecution in addition to school discipline.

Vaping and its components are a violation of the Minor in Possession of Tobacco Statute, Texas Health and Safety Code - - HEALTH & SAFETY § 161.252. Possession, Purchase, Consumption, or Receipt of Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, or Tobacco Products by Minors Prohibited

A Note from Nurse Cooley

Nurses’ Notes


Students are not allowed to carry medications (over-the-counter or prescription). Medications may be kept in the nurse's office for daily or as needed administration. Please be sure medicines are in original container, not expired, and have a signed MAR. Prescriptions also require a doctor signature. Inhalers, epipens, and diabetic supplies are the only exceptions to the carry policy, but these still require paperwork in the clinic including the MAR with documentation from the doctor saying it is OK to carry. It is best if carried medications are labeled, too. Also, the nurse is unable to dispense medicine, even Advil or Tylenol, unless it the student's own medicine brought in specifically for them.


If you have not already received your flu shot vaccine, they are available now from your local doctor, pharmacy, or health department.


As the year goes by, if you are cleaning out your closets, and you have t-shirts, athletic shorts, or sweatpants you are getting rid of, please consider donating them to the CHS clothes closet for students’ use. Donations can be brought to the CHS front office.

If your student has borrowed clothing, please ask them to return it for the next student.

Thank you for your help!

Melody Cooley, RN

Michelle Greenberg, RN

CHS Nurses

817-949-5610 phone 817-949-5656 fax


CHS Lost and Found

We have an overabundance of lost and found! If you think your student may have misplaced something have them stop by the Lost and Found outside of Nurse Cooley's clinic.

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Carroll Senior High Library NoveList Plus

Have you ever finished a great book and wanted to find more just like it? Or wanted to help your child find just the right book to read? Carroll Senior High library now offers NoveList Plus, a helpful resource to help readers match up with the books that are right for them. The NoveList Plus database connects readers to their next book by making recommendations for what to read next. To try it out, click here: http://bit.ly/2IR5BWP Log in with Username: cshdragon and Password lonestar19! .

For help or questions, contact the librarian at sarah.chase@southlakecarroll.edu

2019-2020 AP Program and AP Exam Registration

College Board has made some changes with the 2019-2020 AP program and AP exam registration. IMPORTANT: AP exam registration has been moved to the fall. Below are the registration dates and cost per exam.

Students taking AP exams at Carroll High/Sr. High School must register here for exams by 11:59 pm, November 8, 2019, late fees may apply. Students must answer all of the questions on the subsequent pages in order to complete the exam registration. A confirmation page indicates that the exam registration process has been successfully completed.

For the 2020 AP Exams, the cost is $98 per exam.

Registrations made after 11:59 PM, Friday, Nov 1, 2019 will incur a $50 late fee per exam.

Registrations that are not paid by 11:59 PM, Friday November 8, 2019 will be cancelled and exams will not be ordered.

Carroll High/Sr. High School is excited to offer families the ability to pay their exam fees online at the time of registration. Please be sure to have a credit card or debit card available before beginning registration.

Before we can order AP exams all students must also "enroll" their AP exams with the College Board. At the end of this registration process, you will be provided with information and a link to complete their enrollment process. Please complete this final step right after registering to guarantee your AP exam(s) will be ordered.

Please contact Mrs Shela Daniel, shela.daniel@southlakecarroll.edu if you would like to register for an exam not listed, have questions about financial assistance, or any other questions.

CHS School Pictures

Parents of students who had their school pictures taken should have received an email from Luce Photography with an online link.

If you have not received an email contact Luce Photography at


Development of the Parental Involvement Policy and School-Parent-Student Compacts

The District Advisory Committee (DAC) is comprised of parents, members of the community, business leaders, teachers, school administrators, and district leadership. The District Advisory Committee is the District equivalent of campus site-based teams and, as such, plays an important role in Carroll ISD. The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees. This committee will discuss the design and implementation of the District Improvement Plan, Parent Involvement Policy and School-Parent-Student Compact, among other tasks. The compact explains how students, parents/caregivers, and employees will share responsibility for promoting student success.

Carroll ISD will actively recruit volunteers for the District Advisory Committee (DAC) through various avenues of publicity. Committee selections will strive to produce a diverse parent population that will include all student groups serviced by the district with

arrangements for translators to help with communications, if needed. Meetings will be planned at convenient times and locations for all members of the committee.

School-Parent-Student Compact


Parental Involvement Policy


CHS Extended Day Tutorials

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We offer AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY PASSES (at no charge) for students who, after their last class of the day, need to be transported to the other high school for a school sponsored sport or activity. This pass may be obtained by picking-up an application from the CSHS or CHS office. Once completed, it must be signed by the coach or sponsor of the activity or sport and returned to the office. All students must then sign the bus rider contract. Passes will be available for students to pick-up at the office within three (3) school days. Students must present their pass to the bus driver each time they need to ride or will not be allowed to ride. This pass is not necessary if the student has a valid annual or semester bus pass. Please note that misuse of the pass will require immediate forfeiture of the pass and it must be used for transportation to school activities only.

2019-2020 Bus Passes

Bus passes are available for purchase online or at the CISD Administration Center. Individual bus passes are $275/annual or $148/semester, and family bus passes are $550/annual and $296/semester. All bus riders must have a current Bus Rider Contract form signed by a parent or guardian and turned in with the Bus Rider Registration indicating they will abide by the Bus Safety Handbook.


CHS 2018/2019 Yearbooks

If you ordered a CHS yearbook last year and have not gotten it yet go to the CHS front office to pick it up.

Office hours are Monday – Friday 7:45 am – 3:45 pm.

CHS/CSHS Combined 2019/2020 Yearbook

The Carroll High School and Senior High yearbook are now one book, featuring grades 9-12, varsity and sub varsity sports, daily and community events and more.

Don’t wait, place your order today!


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Join AP Booster Club Today!

By supporting the AP Booster club you help support AP, Pre-AP, Honors, GT programs at EIS, DIS, DMS, CHS and CSHS. Last year we gave teacher grants totaling $10,000 to these campuses and awarded $5,000 in college scholarships to seniors. We hope to have your support so we can fund even more teacher grant requests! We also have informative meetings throughout the year that are free to members! Please take a minute to join today! www.dragonap.org

Carroll Athletic Booster Club

The Carroll Athletic Booster Club raises much needed funds for equipment, training, and travel needs for all UIL sports grades 7th-12th. CISD coaches submit request lists, prioritized by needs and wants, to CABC for items not covered by the CISD budget. 100% of the dues collected go to funding these requests. Your family’s membership and all donations benefit your student athlete directly so join today! Click the button to join today!

CHS Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents for the safety of our students please do not park or line up in the student parking lot instead of waiting in the “parent” lines at drop off and pick up.

When drivers park in a student’s space in the morning or block student drivers in their spaces after school, it causes concern between students with parking spots trying to get to class or home and parents disregarding the designated pick up and drop off zone.

Closed Campus

CSHS and CHS are closed campuses and students may not leave campus during lunch.

Item Drop Off

There is a table at the front entrance of CHS where students can collect all items dropped off by parents. Please make sure any item dropped off is labeled with their name and your student knows to collect them. Please note that your student may not leave the building to collect items from your vehicle, these must be brought into the building and dropped off.

Operation #SAFEdragon

Operation #SAFEdragon

The goals of the #SAFEdragon program are to improve safety and security within Carroll ISD and promote emergency preparedness among students and staff. Remember when visiting our campuses to always enter through the main offices so we can properly sign you in and print you a badge. Students should never open the doors for anyone, not even friends. Be a #SAFEdragon!

Student ID Badges

CISD Student ID’s are issued only once during your 4 years at Carroll/Carroll Senior High. DO NOT discard your current ID, if you do and you need a new one, the cost to replace your ID will be $10.00. Please see the Guidance Office for replacement if you are at the CHS campus. Students at CSHS should see Mrs. Cranford in the Library.

All students must have their ID’s with you daily for entrance to the buildings as this is your key, the outside doors will be locked and not open for entrance without your ID.

Freshman and new students will be issued badges during the first two weeks of school.


Verification of Enrollment is required for students getting a permit or license. There is a sign-up sheet in the front office. If you sign in before noon, forms can be picked up by 3:21 pm, after noon forms can be picked up the next school day. Forms are good for 30 days.

Commuting Between Campuses

Students must commute between campuses (CHS/CSHS) via the district provided shuttle bus. The only exception is when a student begins or ends their day on a campus that is not their home campus, they may commute in their personal vehicle only for first or last block.

Transporting other students in their vehicles is also prohibited.

Parking Permits

High school students parking on campus must purchase a parking permit, which are on sale now and are purchased online. Permit stickers will be available for pickup at CHS and CSHS with proof of payment, license, and insurance.

**Please note: 10th graders are the only CHS students allowed to drive to school and park on campus. https://ticketracker.com/store/category?schoolId=1701&catalogCategoryId=1959

CHS Parking Violation

Remember that ONLY sophomores, juniors and seniors are allowed to drive/park at CHS and should be parking in the north band lot where ample space is provided.

Carroll High School will begin placing wheel locks on vehicles that are parked in unauthorized areas or vehicles that do not have a current CHS/CSHS parking permit. If a student is illegally parked for one or more of the following reasons they are subject to be booted, towed or both. Cost for removal of the booting device is $30.00.

Violations include:


· Parked in a HANDICAPPED space

· Parked in a FIRE LANE

· Blocking entrance to a building or driveway (fire department regulation)

· Parking in an unauthorized parking area (i.e. staff or visitor parking)

· Blocking access to a trash receptacle or dumpster

· Improperly parked

· Additional violations as warranted

If a student is booted they will find a neon orange sticker (sample above) affixed on the driver’s side window. Failure to pay will result in disciplinary action.

Please ensure that students parking on campus have a permit on their vehicle. The link to purchase is https://www.southlakecarroll.edu/Page/1882

Please feel free to contact the Assistant Principal’s office at 817-949-5626 with any questions.



9th & 10th Grade students must enter classrooms by 8:00 am when classes start. All students must sign in at the attendance office if they arrive at 8:01 am or after. Late students must have a doctor's note, parent call or parent note letting attendance know that they are aware that their student was tardy.


9th Grade students. Parent/guardians of 9th graders must physically sign their student out at the attendance office for early dismissal. If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up a student, that person must be listed on the family's emergency contact list located in Family Access. Parents/guardians must contact the attendance office if a person - not on their emergency contact list - is picking up their child. The office is required to make a copy of that person's driver's license in order for the student to be released and that person needs to sign the student out.

10th Grade. As we know, many of our 10th graders drive, therefore they are permitted to sign-out with the attendance office for an early dismissal provided parents/guardians have notified the attendance office in writing. The note from parents requesting an early dismissal must be dated/signed and dropped off at the attendance office first thing in the morning. We will then provide the student with a pass to return to the attendance office at the early dismissal time to sign-out and exit the campus. If your 10th grader is returning that day, please ensure they sign in at the attendance office upon return so their attendance record will be noted properly.

FYI, For our students’ safety, it is important that they sign in when arriving late or sign out when leaving early. Students who do not comply with this safety measure will be referred to the Assistant Principal’s office per the CHS Handbook.