On the right Track

technology design cycle report


This is a design cycle report about the unit call- On The Right Track. My name is san kimhang and i am a student at North Bridge International school. I am 13 year old. I study in grade 8.


I am confuse about all the score in my grade. to demonstrate this problem i have made some charts about each class that i have created on a piece of paper. i need to focus in class and work hard to get good grade. But the problem is that i don't know the score and the total score of all the criteria. I have the chart to write all of the total score in class. some of them i don't really know about it but i just guess.

Design brief

I have explain clearly about my assessment for each class and subject. I have also create a spreadsheet where i can put my grade in each assessment and it is very easy to use, and easy for the audience to understand.

Design Specifications

The product created to explain how assessment in grade 8 must:

· be stand alone
· be appropriate in length (not to long or too short)
· for MYP students (audience)
· outline assessment criteria, how each assessment criteria is graded and how and overall grade is calculated
· use a good balance of images and text
· when information and/or images are used from other sources - it must be referenced

The spreadsheet created must:

· include all subject
· include all assessment criteria
· allow for multiple units of work
· calculate averages, when appropriate
· include overall grade
· use different cell colours for different subjects
· include a heading

Testing Methods

to test this product i will use the following test:
Was the stand alone product appropriate for the target audience (MYP Students)?
Was there a careful balance between text and image in the stand alone product?
Were all classes covered in the stand alone?
Was there a clear introduction on the stand alone?
Was the color scheme, font choice and layout stylish and effective?

Was the spreadsheet complete with space for all subjects, all assessment criteria, all units of work?
Did the spreadsheet have an excellent title?
Was colouring used effectively on the spreadsheet?
Did the speadsheet use formula for average, sum, sorting and display appropriate cell merge, bordering and shading?
Was the layout excellent?

name three things you liked about the stand alone presentation.
list three key facts from the stand alone.
name three things that should be changed on the stand alone to make it better.
name three things you liked about the spreadsheet.
name three things that should be changed so that the spreadsheet is better.


grade for assessment
The assessment help student learn better and they will be more understanding.

An MYP is the middle Years Programme is an education programme intended for student age approximately 11 to 16 in a international school.

Technology: i have interview my teacher for the score of all the criteria
  • Investigate6/6
  • plan6/6
  • evaluate6/6
  • design6/6
  • create6/6
  • attitude6/6
  • total 36
Math: i have got all the scores from www.aischool.org
  • Knowledge and understanding 8/8
  • Investigating patterns 8/8
  • Communication in mathematics 6/6
  • Reflection in mathematics 6/6
  • total 28/28
Humanities: i have got all the scores from www.aischool.org
  • knowledge 10/10
  • concept 10/10
  • skills 10/10
  • organization and presentation 8/8
  • total 38/38
Language B: i have got all the scores from www.aischool.org
  • Oral communication—message and interaction 8/8
  • Oral communication—language 8/8
  • Writing—message and organization 8/8
  • Writing—language 8/8
  • Reading comprehension 8/8
  • total 40/40
Science: i have got all the scores from www.aischool.org
  • One world 6/6
  • communication in science 6/6
  • Knowledge and understanding 6/6
  • scientific inquiry 6/6
  • processing data 6/6
  • attitude in science 6/6
  • total 30/30
Art: i have got all the scores from www.aischool.org
  • knowledge and understanding 8/8
  • application 10/10
  • reflection and evaluation 8/8
  • personal engagement 8/8
  • total 34/34
PE: i have got all the scores from www.aischool.org
  • total 32/32
I have discover that spreadsheet is very useful to put my assessment and the grade for each subject. Here is the information that i have found about how to use spreadsheet and what does it do.

We use spreadsheet to for accountant for money for many workers. It has calculator in it and you can add the amount of money. It uses Microsoft Works to create effective and professional looking spreadsheets. A spreadsheet is an interactive computer application program for organization and analysis of data form (French, 2013). The user of the spreadsheet can make changes in any stored value and observe the effects on calculated values.In 1962 this concept of the spreadsheet, called BCL for Business Computer Language, was implemented on an IBM 1130 and in 1963 was ported to an IBM 7040 by R. Brian Walsh at Marquette University, Wisconsin. (Viren, Tom, 2003) This program was written in FORTRAN. Microsoft developed Excel on the Macintosh platform for several years, and then ported it to Windows 2.0. The Windows 3.x platforms of the early 1990s made it possible for Excel to take market share from Lotus. Starting in the mid-1990s continuing through the present, Microsoft Excel has dominated the commercial electronic spreadsheet market.(Wikipedia, 2013)


here are some example of a standalone in this link


a standalone presentation are:

  • The viewer only receives it as an attachment in their email
  • They don't get to hear how you would explain each slide
  • People don't take notes while viewing a stand-alone presentation
  • they only read the text
  • A presentation should be visual or word document
  • you can put diagram or charts
  • you need to make the text visually interesting by using color
  • don't put a transcript on the slide
  • A standalone presentation has two to five times the number of slide as an in person presentation
  • Build visuals piece by piece in order to keep the viewer focus
  • Poster
  • banner
  • prize
  • online poster
  • smore
  • "Ideas for Effective Stand-alone Presentations."

A stand alone presentation is the presentation that does not require the people to explain or talk.


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