Category Setup by Course/Section

Getting started with Teams Gradebook in GCCISD

Log into Teams in GCCISD

Log in with your Username and Password you use to log into the computer.

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  1. After logging into Teams, Under the Teacher Menu, go to Maintain Teacher Gradebook Category

  2. Under the Gradebook Course/Section tab, select a Course/Section

  3. Locate the Category Names you want to use, i.e. Major, Daily (most commonly used), etc.

  4. Choose the category names you will use to weigh Assignments for the course.
  5. Next to each Category Name to us, type a number weight. Weight should TOTAL 100. i.e. Major 60, Homework 10, Classwork 40.

Side Note: If every Course has a different category set up, complete Step 1 for every course. Categories can be copied for one course to another. See Step 2.

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Grading Guidlines

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Recommendation - Use the same Category settings over ALL Nine Weeks

To keep the Category setup for all grading cycles, select No next to Allow Override Weight/Drop In GB Cycle.

If Yes is selected, a 'Push' button will appear to PUSH the Category weights from one six weeks to the next. If Push is not clicked, the category weights must be enter for every six weeks for the course.


(Under Teacher Menu, Maintain Teacher Gradebook Category)

  1. Go to the Gradebook Course/Section tab
  2. In the Category Section, at the bottom.
  3. Click on the category to be add back to your gradebook, continue to hold the click and drag up to the active categories. (Use the drag and drop function.)

Column Headings for Creating Categories

  1. Category Name: The name of the assignment category that you added is displayed.
  2. Weight: The weight is the multiplier to be used for the category in the grade calculation.
  3. GB Grading Cycle: Defaults grading cycle
  4. Calc Result Type: This is the calculation result type, which is either Alpha or Numeric.
  5. Alpha Grade Value Scale: If the calculation result type is Alpha, select the scale option to use (for example, Alpha or Pass).
  6. Alpha Grades Only: If only alphabetical grades will be used in this assignment category, select Y; if both alphabetical and numeric will be used, select N.
  7. Scale Value: Enter the Scale Value to be used as the default for this assignment category.
  8. # Count: Enter the default value for the number of times an assignment in this category will be counted.
  9. Drop Low: To exclude any low grades from the category, enter the number of low grades that you will drop.
  10. Drop High: To exclude any high grades from the category, enter the number of high grades that you will drop.
  11. Lowest Drop Value: Enter the lowest grade value that that can be dropped.
  12. Highest Drop Value: Enter the highest grade value that can be dropped.
  13. Color: Select a color for the drop down list to designate a color scheme for the category.

STEP 2: Completing Category Setup

If every Course has a different category set up, Complete Step 1 for every course and skip Step 3.

To copy one or more course Category settings to another Category: (Under Teacher Menu, Maintain Teacher Gradebook Category)

    1. Go to Copy Categories tab.

    2. Under the first section header: Copy Categories From Course/Section select the Course/Section to copy FROM

    3. Under the second section header: Copy To Course Sections click an individual course, then click the Add button. Or click on the Add All button.

    4. Click Copy to complete copying Category setup to selected Course/Sections.

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