Causes of the American Revolution

Faith Luera

proclamation of 1763

king George forbids the colonists from moving into the Ohio River Valley because he dose not want to pay for another war. the colonists feel betrayed.
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stamp act of 1767

this act required colonists to pay for an official stamp or seal when they bought paper items. colonists began boycotting British goods.

the Townshend acts of 1767

these acts placed duties on glass, lead, paints, paper and tea. to enforce the Townshend acts British officials used writes of assistance. these allowed tax collectors to search smuggled goods. colonists boycotted British goods.

The Boston Massacre 1770

British soldiers fired into a crowd of colonists. Five colonists died.

The Tea Act 1773

The Tea act allowed the British east India company to sell tea directly to the colonists.

The Boston Tea Party 1773

When the tea act was passed it made British tea cheaper than colonial tea.

The Intolerable acts 1774

Boston Harbor is closed, and British troops are quartered. colonists resentment toward Britain builds.

Lexington and Concord 1775

" shot heard 'round the world". At dawn on April 19, the British troops arrived at the town of Lexington, near concord and about 15 miles from Boston. john Parker yelled to his troops "don't fire unless fired upon."