Russian Revolution


Why and How?


The Russian Revolution began because of the weak state of economy and the government.


In russia people were split into two groups the rich and poor. The poor also known as serfs were tired of starving and not being treated fairly.All of this led to thousands of people going to the Palace to ask Czar Nicholas for reforms but it did not work and people in the crowd were shot this day became known as bloody sunday.

Important People

  • Nicholas II- was the last czar in Russia, he believed that he was the absolute ruler.
  • Vladimir Lenin- was the man that because of him Russia was named the Soviet Union.
  • Joseph Stalin- was a revolutionary and later on became a dicator.

Important Events

  • Bloody Sunday-It was the day that the Revolutionary war started.
  • After the first Russian Revolution the Duma was the new type of governemt but failed because it still favored the wealthiest people so a second revolution started.
  • Lenin comes along and communism takes control.


  • End of an autocratic rule.
  • Russia became communist.
  • Education reforms
  • Industrial Growth
  • Economic development

Final Result

The serfs at the end did get what they wanted which was reformation and economic growth.