Char Day!

Come remember one of Iowa's greatest industries!

Come join us October 21st, 2015!

This will be a celebration to remember one of Iowa's greatest industries! There will be games, food, and fun!

Coal Day

Monday, Sep. 21st, 12:45-3pm

Elmwood Park, Reinbeck, IA, United States

Reinbeck, IA

The celebration will begin at 12:45 pm - 3:00.

Foods that will be served:

Red Hot Ember Steak (spicy seasoning added), Coal Cooked Broccoli Soup, Ash Cream Sandwiches. Feel free to bring any food you think people would enjoy.


Some decoration that might catch your eyes that will be at the celebration..... Giant coal sculptures, red-hot embers (not actually hot), and our best decoration... The Mine Tunnel!! Come check out these and other awesome decorations at Coal Day!!!

Why We Celebrate...

One of the reasons we celebrate Char Day is to remember how important coal production was to Iowa's growth.

Another reason we celebrate Char Day is so we all can learn about basic coal and fire safety.

We also celebrate Char Day to have time to remember those who spent their lives in the mines.


The idea for Char Day came along in a small classroom that was in a small town that was in a small state. This place was called Mr. Kibirus's classroom, in Reinbeck, Iowa. The idea was brought to a girl who thought up some reasons to celebrate. We celebrate Char Day to remember on of Iowa's greatest "Lost Industries".