Nathan Roderick

Who am I?

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Shredding the glass in the Tetons.

About Me

I have an older brother and a younger sister and two parents who are pretty chill. I play football, baseball and write for the Rambler. I love to be outside, hike and waterski. I also love to travel all over the world with both friends and family. I have the best friends in the world and we always are having fun with each other. We love to go on adventures and chase girls. Every weekend we are always trying to find new girls to hang with and usually end up in awkward situations. (S/O to Taz)

I play Receiver and Defensive back for the football team and play Centerfield for baseball. I love catching TD passes, laying the wood on defense and catching long fly balls. I am a big Utah Football and Basketball fan and love going to the games.

I love both winter and summer. Being outside and going boating in the summer is one of my favorite activities and in the winter I love shredding the slopes.

The biggest adventure I've been on is a month long excursion to many European countries with my friends. We went to many museums and historic monuments and places but my favorite thing to do was explore the big cities with my homies.

Utah Football - 2014 Season Highlight Video
Utah Football highlights. So stoked for the season.
J.Cole | No Role Model | 2014 Forest Hills Drive | Clean Version |
This is my boy J Cole spitting fire.

Smore Thoughts

Smore is another way to get to know each other and a valuable place to create a web page. If i need to create a flyer for an event or a webpage I will for sure use Smore.