Think! Play! Collaborate!

Technology Integration on Your Own Terms

Come see us this summer to explore those tools you haven't had time for and earn some exchange day credit!

So you know there are all these awesome new tools that can make life so much easier in the classroom, but where do you find the time to learn them? Think! Play! Collaborate! is a workshop where YOU pick the focus of your learning, and we are here to help you navigate the turns. Not sure what you want to learn? We will provide an overview of trending tools, accomplished apps, district initiatives, and unexpected equipment to explore during your two days with us, the district FLIs (Facilitators of Learning and Innovation).

DSISD Library Program will host Think! Play! Collaborate! on thee following dates

June 11&12 @Dripping Springs Elementary

June 16&17@Walnut Springs Elementary

June 18&19@Rooster Springs Elementary

Aug 10&11@Dripping Springs Middle School

Aug 12&13@Dripping Springs High School