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August 31, 2021

Dear Families,

In 1665 the Great Plague swept through London and many of England's cities with devastating consquences. Many residents fled to the relatively safer outskirts of the countryside as a result, including Sir Isaac Newton, a student at Cambridge at the time, who between 1665-1667 made two extended trips to Woolsthorpe, a period that Newton describes as the "Year of Wonders". He later described these years as some of the most intellectually productive of his life, where the forced absences freed him from the pace of academia and the limits of prescribed curriculum and allowed him to creatively explore the world. It was during this time that he made great strides expanding his theories of light and refraction, the laws of motion, and the discovery of calculus.

While I don't anticipate many of us breaking new ground in the discovery of universal principles, I do think that the (continued) interruption gave us a renewed appreciation for balance, not unlike the forces behind what some are calling the "Great Resignation", where the pace and work environments aren't offset by purpose and time with family. This same phenomenon was the subject of last year's valedictory address. In our rush towards excellence, we also continued to add to a frenzied pace, the end result of which was often yet another mountain to climb.

While the masks are still with us, at least for now, we are on our way out and the question that I posed to the senior class leadership last week was not how we were going to reenter but how we were going to create our high school experience, recognizing that the senior class is the only grade in the school that hasn't had a high school year impacted in some ways by COVID.

Their answer was perfect. "We want this to be about us. Not just the senior class but all of us." And so that is what we have planned. A year that both renews some traditions and begins others. A year that focuses on us as a community. A year that strives to create an environment of academic, athletic, and artistic excellence that is also grounded in a sense of community, and purpose, and belonging. One that ends -- not with another set of tasks -- but with a sense of joy.

Over the summer we have been busy preparing for your arrival. A few items of note:

  • All of the lights throughout the entire building have been replaced with LED lighting, including the lights in the auditorium.
  • A significant amount of painting was accomplished along the handrails, in the main and guidance offices, some classrooms, and the upper and lower lobbies.
  • The exterior was bleached and pressure washed.
  • A number of trees were pruned.
  • Alumni Field and Track is scheduled to be replaced in the spring.
  • The building was outfitted for OSHA compliance.
  • Three classrooms have been selected to render drawings of how we might better utilize our space and create spaces that are more conducive to teaching and learning.
  • Project Adventure installed a climbing wall in the gym.
  • We partnered with iDECIDE through Mass General Hospital to implement a wrap-around program for students with substance abuse concerns, a program that will exist in lieu of suspension.
  • We continue to partner with CSCR, Holly Hill Farm, Safe Harbor and other local organizations to customize learning for students and incorporate experiential opportunities.
  • We’ve scheduled a number of whole school or small group programs or trips to build community and leadership.

We’ve also completed a new district strategic plan and will be creating a school improvement plan that mirrors the strategic plan.

Also of note we have several new teachers. Ms. Alison Daisy will be joining the math department. She graduated from Keene State with a Bachelor of Science, earning a dual major in both mathematics and secondary education and a minor in statistics. While at Keene State she was the captain of the women’s lacrosse team and did her student teaching in Brattleboro, VT.

Ms. Jessie Slade will join the science department. Ms. Slade has a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience from Brandeis University and a Master of Education in secondary education from Boston College. She has taught at every level elementary through secondary in both the public and private sectors.

Ms. Sarah Anthony has accepted a full-time position with us after working as a long time substitute for us last year. Ms. Anthony graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in photography and a minor in English. She then earned her Masters of Arts in Teaching in art education from Tufts University. She has worked in schools and in the private sector.

We also hired an Instructional Technology Specialist, Ms. Lindsey Kay, who will begin to build a computer science program at the middle school and gradually bring that program into the high school. She will also be available to work with high school teachers on matters of instructional technology. Ms. Kay graduated from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Graphic Design and a Master of Education in Instructional Technology. She has significant experience working within the Avon Public Schools.

We were recently approved to hire a .5 Social Worker to assist with our BRYT Program and other areas of student wellness. And we are welcoming back Hannah Piasecki, class of 2014, who is completing her Master's Degree in literature with a concentration in pedagogy at the University of Massachusetts Boston and will be working with Ms. McInnis to complete her student teaching.

It is a very exciting time and we anxiously await your arrival and the new adventures the school year will bring. See you next week!


Brian T. Scott



Please find the schedule for the year below. We are reverting back to our more traditional schedule of a four-period drop block, rotating schedule.

On the first day of school, all five periods will meet beginning with period 1 and ending with period 5. On Thursday, the rotation will be 5,1,2,3.

All schedules can be found in the Student-Family Handbook, located here:

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Parking and Car Registration

In order to better manage parking for the year, students will be charged and assigned a parking spot. Priority for issuing spots will initially be given to members of the Class of 2022 at the beginning of the year, and then will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.


  • Students must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Once completed, the main office will confirm if the student has any outstanding obligations from the prior school year and will notify student of any outstanding obligations, if any.
  • A parking permit will be distributed to the student from the main office after any outstanding obligations are fulfilled.
  • All students parking in the student lot must have a parking permit visible on the vehicle or will be subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Parking Fee is $50.00. Check can be made out to Cohasset High School.

You many access the form here:

If you have any questions please see Ms. Tokarz in the main office or email her at

Traffic Pattern

Now that school is in full session, all bus traffic will use the main driveway. Student drivers and parents should proceed up the driveway along Alumni Field and use the student lot and the back loop for drop off. No students or parents should use the Central Office lot for parking or turning around.
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Welcome Class of 2025!

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School Council Elections

Want to make a measurable impact on your child’s education? Consider being part of the School Council!

The Cohasset High School Council is each seeking parents of current students to fill three parent representative positions.

Established by law in June 1993, this Council meets monthly and serves to advise the principal on:

-adopting educational goals for the school

-identifying the educational needs of students

-reviewing the school budget

-formulating a school improvement plan

Members of the council include the principal, teachers or other staff members, parents, and selected members of the community.

A term on the Cohasset High School Council is two years and a parent must have a student at the Cohasset High School.

*If your student is only at the school for one more year, you would serve a one-year term.*

If you are interested in being part of the Cohasset High School Council, please email a bio to the High School PSO Liaison Dima Omran,

All submissions must be received no later than Monday, September 20th.

CHS Partners with iDECIDE

iDECIDE, designed in collaboration between Massachusetts General Hospital, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and the Institute for Health and Recovery, aims to provide schools with a scalable, effective, and youth-centered tier two intervention that can be used as an alternative to punishment for school-based substance use infractions.

CHS continues to leverage our partnership with The Safe Harbor Coalition to bring programming that empowers youth to make good choices.

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A Message from Food Services

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year. The Cohasset Public Schools Department of Food and Nutrition is excited to once again provide free breakfast and lunches to all students this year through the USDA.

While school meals will be universally free for all students this year, USDA requires all school districts to make school meal applications available to certify children for free and reduced price meals and that information may be used to qualify newly eligible children for P-EBT.

You do not need to fill out an application if you already received a letter from the district, OR if you do not feel that you will qualify for P-EBT benefits.

Please click on the link below to access an application. Applications are also available online at under the Nutrition tab.


FY22 Application Directions

Free and Reduced Application FAQ


Step 1: Child’s full legal name and school (no nicknames)

Step 2: Number is provided on your letter – not your card

Step 3. Name and income – (Weekly, Bi –Weekly, 2x Monthly or Monthly)

If you are a seasonal employee, please enter annual income

Step 4: Last 4 digits of Social Security and Signature are REQUIRED –If not received, applications will be denied automatically and will delay approval process.

New form is required, status does not carry over from year to year.

ONE form per family. Please make sure all children that are in your household are included on the form, including those who do not attend school.

Only one application is required. If an online application is completed, a paper application is not needed.

If you have any questions, please contact food services at 781-383-6107 or email me at

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Put a Pin in It

Dates to remember:

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A Downloadable Version of the Calendar can be found Here: