Oakview's Primary Pride

January 18-22, 2016


I know it has been a long time since we played "Cheap Jeep" and some of you might even be wondering 'Did we do that?' or 'What is she talking about?' Well, let me refresh your memory. At the beginning of school you were asked to read the Employee Handbook prior to the first days of In-Service. Then we called a group up to board the "Cheap Jeep" and asked questions based on the television show "Cash Cab." Don't worry, I'm getting to my point. Here it is....some of you need to go back and review the Employee Handbook. Two sections that need to be read carefully are our expectations about arriving at school on time (if students are getting off the buses, you are not on time...you are late) and dress code. If you wear leggings your shirt should come to your fingertips (ALL THE WAY AROUND). Please step in front of a mirror before coming to school and do the fingertip test. Also, remember we are role models for our students. Flip-flops are not an appropriate shoe choice for the winter months (even if it is 75 degrees). Also, jeans are jeans no matter what color...red, black, green, etc. Only wear jeans on Fridays unless given permission on special occasions. Our goal is to look professional, and you can ask Mrs. Sandy about her experiment she has been doing concerning 'wearing jeans' vs 'professional dress.'


Taking just a quick glance at the data I am extremely excited about the MOY-TPRI. I can't wait to go deeper and look at students who received RtI to see growth. Keep up the good work.

MOY-Math Assessment

This week as you finish your MOY math assessments, don't forget to enter them in Google Classroom. Please have this done by the end of the week. Those that test on Friday have until Tuesday of next week, but the sooner the better. We have data meetings next week with both 2nd grade and Kindergarten. I need an opportunity to manipulate the data and put all of the data together.

School Board Appreciation

This month is School Board Appreciation. If you see one of our School Board Trustees, please share how much you appreciate them giving of their time to devote to the district. Here is a list of our trustees: Lynn Davis, Kyle Erwin, Paula Turner, Jason Reid, Paula Williams, Denise Coffman, Rob Carr.

Valentine Bags

Mrs. Sandy will help the students create their Valentine's Bag during Art/Music. Valentines is not a holiday we celebrate with a party. We allow the students to exchange cards. If you have a student that needs a set of cards, come see me. We have a few boxes in storage. You may send a class list with only the child's first name and last initial. Do not send any other information about the students (such as ID #).


Walk-throughs are picking up. We are using a new Google form and an 'add-on' tool that automatically e-mails you. If you do not see the word "Observed" written at the end of the indicator, then we did not see that indicator during our 15 minute stay. It is from the accumulation of all data that we make the final summative evaluation. Do not stress if all of the indicators are not "observed." It is difficult to observe all of them in a 45 minute full evaluation; so, seeing them in 15 minutes would be near impossible.


  • Tuesday, January 19th - PK - PLC during conference
  • Wednesday, January 20th at 3:30-??? Data Meeting for 1st Grade
  • Thursday, January 21st during conference - PLCs