2nd Grade Bengal Bulletin

Week of February 12th - 16th



We know that it is so difficult when your child wakes up with a fever or is just plain feeling awful! Scrambling at the last minute to take off work can be daunting, but it is so very important to the students at Bryant that you do keep them home!

2nd grade has been hit pretty hard with flu, strep, and a nasty stomach bug, and a lot of students who have had to go home sick were sent to school medicated to bring their fever down. They may not have a fever, but they are quite contagious to everyone around them! This may seem the easiest solution at the time, but this is actually quite devastating to our classrooms!

We politely ask that you keep your child at home until they:

  • Are fever free for 24 hours *unmedicated* (if they have a fever the night before, they should not be coming to school!)
  • Have not thrown up / had diarrhea in the last 24 hours
  • Have been seen by a doctor (for most circumstances)

Thank you for your adherence to Bryant's policy as we try and kick this flu / strep / bug season!

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2nd grade will be celebrating with our friends on Wednesday, February 14th at 10:00 - 10:45 am! Students may bring treats / cards / trinkets to school to give out this day, but there must be enough for every student in the class!

Please label each valentine with "From: (your child's name)" only, as we will be passing these out to each student on this day. They will not need to bring anything to keep their treats in, as we will be making these things during our party.

We would love to see you there! Sign up HERE! Your badge will be printed out for you, resulting in a shorter wait time!


Our awesome Living Museum will be on Thursday, March 1st in the evening. Stay tuned for more details!


We have been having a great deal of trouble, hurt feelings, and injuries during recess involving our football activity despite teacher and WatchDog monitoring. Children will not be allowed to bring footballs or play football for 2 weeks as we take a break. We will let you know when we resume football! Thank you for your understanding!


We will continue to explore American Heroes as we get closer to our Living Museum Project!

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