2015 Year in Review

Marketing 1- Kyle Torbet Pd. 3

Three Companies that Marketed Themselves the Best

1. Geico marketed themselves very well in 2015. They are one of the most recognized insurance brands in the world. They have great ad concepts and they are always funny.

2. Samsung has been doing better in marketing themselves in 2015. Their company has been steadily growing towards becoming a premier consumer electronics band. Their TV's, especially have been selling well.

3. Apple has marketed themselves probably the best out of the 3 listed. It is a very well recognized brand and because of that, they don't have to advertise their company.. They always come out with new products every year. For example, iphone 5s came out in 2013, iphone 6 came out in 2014, and the iphone 6s came out in 2015. They sometimes advertise their new products on TV to get people to know there's something new.

Best Products of 2015

1. Apple Watch - Well Recognized Brand

2. Nintendo 3DS XL - It became a cheaper product and affordable

Worst Products of 2015

1. Crystal Pepsi - Not a Well Known Product
2. Hover Board - Too Expensive

Top 2 Movies of 2015

1. Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 came out to be a popular movie in 2015 because part 1 of the hunger games: Mocking Jay was amazing and the hunger games itself is a popular movie brand. Splitting the movie up into 2 parts was a good strategy to make more money.

2. Jurassic World became another successful movie in 2015. It became a hit because it is a well recognized movie brand and there hasn't been a release from Jurassic park for over 10 years. The last movie, Jurassic Park 3, came out in 2001.

Top 2 Music Artists of 2015

1. Taylor Swift did very well in 2015. She went on a tour to japan in may. Tours will hit North America and Europe in December 2015. She is trying to become well known around the world, which is a good marketing strategy to make more money off her music.

2. Luke Bryan is dominating the country music world with the release of his new album "Kill the Lights". He is trying to promoting it by trying out different tactics on twitter, facebook, spotify, and the new app sing.

Top 5 Songs of 2015

1. Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

2. Cheerleader by OMI

3. Take me to Church by Hozier

4. Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding

5. See you again by Charlie Puth

New Years Resolutions

Personal Improvement - To become more socially active

Family and Friends - To try to interact more with friends and family (Not be alone)

School and the outside world - To get into the college CNU