William Boeing

Great Names in Aviation History

Facts on William Boeing

William Boeing lived from 1881 to 1956. That's 75 years! Boeing was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1881. He was a determined and successful student when he was younger. He attended Yale University in Connecticut. As time went on he became the president of the Greenwood Lumber Company. He decided to quit this and peruse his dream of building planes and flying them. Boeing entered the field because he was interested in planes when he was younger. During his life he also won the Daniel Guggenheim award. During his life, William Boeing had a lot of interesting experiences.

Later In His Life

William Boeing was famous for building planes for the military and founding the Boeing Company. He made a few important contributions in his life. A few of these include helping to create the United Aircraft and Transport Company, the Boeing Company, and helping make plans for military services. Boeing had many of his ow quotes. Two of them are "Let no new improvement in flying and flying equipment pass us" and " I think we could build a better one". On September 28th, 1956 William Boeing sadly died of a heart attack on his yacht. William Boeing is without a doubt an important person in aviation history.