Can You Say Arr in FL!

Julia Berger 21

First Your Hot... then Your Cold!

In Florida all you feel is hot, hot, hot! You decide to go to Key West Beach. As you swim see a bunch of fish, as you look deeper you see a anchor! When you come to take a breath all you smell is the salty sea. Above you there are seagulls flying around looking for a good place to go fishing. You stick your head back in the water where you are just staring at the beautiful sight of wildlife in your path!

Wednesday, April 17th, 12:15pm

12 South Castillo Drive

St. Augustine, FL

When you walk in, see all the things you love about pirates! The clothes, history, parts of boats, even some treasure your favorite pirate might have found! BlackBeard, your most favorite pirate of all... you go to its section where you see a gigantic glass box with a chest inside. You gasp, and see BlackBeard's treasure chest! You wonder...did he fight other pirates to get this?; did he go days with out eating?; did he sail across the whole world to find this treasure? The answers are buried with BlackBeard!

A Once in a Life Time Dinner Adventure!

Do you like dressing up in pirate outfits, and do you like plays! If you said yes the Pirate's Dinner Adventure is the place for you! Action, sword fighting, sea dragons,exciting new adventures and more! Swing across the stage with a pirate and fight to get the buried treasure!