Scott Arthur

About Scott James Henry Arthur

Name:Scott James Henry Arthur

date of birth:29 April 2003


Mum:Angela Mary Arthur from United Kingdom,London

Dad:John Kelly Arthur From United Kingdom,Amsterdam

Siblings:Cameron David Arthur from Switzerland

Most amazing Achievement

Scott Made The JPL Team which is the top team for two years

Team Scott has Played

Pacific Pines Soccer

Now Scott plays at runaway bay soccer

Scott train 4 days a week with the under 12 JPL (His Team)

Scott Also trains with under 15 JPL

Plays as Striker and Centre Midfielder

Education and Schooling

Berwick Fields Primary School Prep,1,2,2,3-2008/2012

Jubilee Primary School 4,5,6-2012/2015

Place that Scott Arthur Has Lived in

Scott Arthur lives in Maudsland,Queensland,Australia

Previously Lived in Switzerland,Zurich



A real Story

On Thursday at second break Scott was little bored so Scott went to play with the year six so Scott started playing a while later Scott got the ball Scott ran from one side to another I got pushed from behind I fell 3 metres and snapped my arm in half Scott Broke his Ulna and Radius after 6 six in the Gold Coast Hospital
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