The Outstanding Octopus

Will Aschenbrand


You'll be shocked to learn that octopuses can be kept as pets but are known to escape very easily, so this marine fish is not suggested as a pet. These octopuses are smart, weird looking, and cool organisms! Also I enjoyed learning about them. The octopuses movement, it’s habitat, and it’s appearance are all very interesting!


After researching the octopus I have found that it has a fascinating habitat, an awesome appearance, and its movement is so complex and cool! Also I don’t know if I can ever eat octopus again because I am more intelligent about this bright sea monster and we should stop killing them to eat!

Think Tank!

In think tank I made a word wall, a comic, and a quizzle!
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My Quizzle

If you want to test your knowledge of octopuses press here!

Coral Reef Diorama!

In my diorama I have an octopus which is my animal, a crab, seaweed, a shark, a clown fish, a stingray, a sea snake, and a brain coral!
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Go Fish!

For my tank I have one Eclipse catfish one galactic glow fish and two silver hatchet fish. I spent a total of $122.30 on fish my tank and decorations to make the fish feel at home! I have a 20 gallon tank and I will only be needing 19 of those for my fish to live. The theme of my tank is the ocean floor. I have ornaments that look rustic and are on the ocean floor. Also I have a sunken submarine with moss growing too look like it is old.

Amazing video

This is an amazing video of an octopus camouflaging.
Octopus Camouflage

Nat Geo Kids

This is a great website where you can find more information about the octopus.