Climate Change

A problem we can only see the effects of

My Big Question: What are the effects of climate change.

Climate Change is occurring and we can only see the effects of it. The most severe effects occur in Polar regions. Climate Change is melting the polar ice cap in Antartica (Meltdown). Glaciers are being melting in Greenland and Europe. This is effecting speces too. The polar bear could be extinct by 2050 due to the lack of habitat (Meltdown). The lack of ice has forced seals to find new habitats in other places farther south like Greenland and Alaska (Meltdown).

More Effects

Areas around the Artic is permafrost but due to Climate Change the permafrost is melting and causing unstable ground. This is causing building to sink or collapse (Meltdown). A scientist products that the 80 to 90 percent of ice in the Alps will be gone by 2100 (Melting Away).

The Definition of Climate Change

  1. Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns when that change lasts for an extended period of time.

The Polar Vortex and the Jet Stream

Affects in Warmer Climates

Climate Change is effecting regions in places like America, Europe and Canada. The warmer tempatures in the Artic are leading to colder winters in the South. The Poalar vortex is a pocket of air that is extremely cold. It is held in the Artic by the Jet Stream but when the Jet Stream was weakened in 2013 the Polar Vortex dropped down to southern regions causing cold temperatures during the winter (Melting Away).
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