Homelessness in America

Spencer Daines


There are many causes of homelessness across america. Here are just a few

  • Loss of job
  • High housing/Rental costs
  • Death of family member
  • Natural Disasters
  • Family Break Up
  • Family Crisis
  • Domestic violence
  • Disability
  • Low Paying job
  • Catastrophic Illness

Examples of personal Stories

Jaleel- He was kicked out of the house by his parents. Why you ask? Because he was gay. I think this is ridiculous. Parents need to learn to accept there kids for who they are.

Gerald- Gerald is a Vietnam War Veteran. He came back to the US, and could not find a job. So he moved onto the streets and began his life there.

What Can be Done?

The Supreme Court said that the city of LA could not throw away the homeless peoples belongings. Homeless people are also allowed to vote. There are many things that can be done to fix homelessness. If we helped these people out we would not have such a problem. We can also designate spots for these people to go to. That way they are off the streets and safer. The communities should help out the homeless. They are all human beings and don't deserve that.