Hardware and software flyer


Hardware is a type of machinery that you can move and touch with your hands eg:

1. mouse

2. keyboard

3. laptop

4. phone

5. printer

input's give instructions and tell the machine what to do. some examples are:

1. scanner

2. buttons

3. mouse

4. graphics tablet

5. tracker ball

outputs project the commandments the inputs give for example:

1. speakers

2. lights

3. headphones/ headset

4. printer

5. moniter


Software is either something like a app on a computer or phone that you cant hold in real life but can use on a computer.

Such as:

1. Google, to search the web

2. angry bird, game

3. scratch, program app

4. Microsoft word excel PowerPoint, programing app

5. python, programming

you may use software on your phone, laptop ad some other places to play games do a work project and you can even use storage like the cloud to save things.