UTC Oxfordshire


Official Opening

Physicist and television presenter Brian Cox inspired the next generation of scientists as he officially opened UTC Oxfordshire this week.

A team from STFC spent the day with students working on a challenge to build and launch their own satellite. Brian visited groups working on the challenge before continuing the space theme with a talk on ‘exploring the universe’.

This official opening event was designed to recognise the huge amount of effort put in by so many people to get the school up and running. Ultimately however it was about inspiring our young people to continue to make the most of this unique learning experience. Professor Brian Cox,showed a real interest in the work of our students and we are very proud of the way the students conducted themselves on the day.

Many of you have asked about photographs from the event, we were fortunate that a professional photographer gave up his time to take some photographs for us. These are available to view, and purchase online here.


This week our sixth form engineers spent an afternoon learning more about fusion energy research and future job opportunities in engineering at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE). During the tour the students were able to watch remote handling training using robotic arms to play Jenga, a task which takes immense skill and concentration. It can’t have been easy with 31 students watching! We were amazed to hear that the fusion reaction takes place at 150,000 degrees C, which is far hotter than the sun. The experience of seeing where fusion energy research is happening, just up the road, will be very helpful for the students working on our current employer led project.

Safer Internet Day Tuesday 9th February 2016

For further information please follow this link to the Safer Internet website: http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/2016/spread-the-word

Apprenticeship Open Day at CCFE

On 16th February CCFE are holding an open day for apprenticeships. Further details and booking arrangements can be found at:


This event is suitable for students who want to find out more about starting an apprenticeship after year 11 or year 13.

Parents' Evening Tuesday 9th February 2016

Just a reminder that the UTC will all lessons will finish at 14.45pm on 9th February. Y10 students will be able to go home at this time, with Y12 welcome to stay at the UTC until their parent(s) arrive. If you have not yet made your appointment, please do so through our parent portal.

Pre Public Examinations

From 22nd to 26th February (the week after half term) year 12 students on AS level courses, will be taking Pre Public Examinations as part of their preparation for summer exams. These PPE will take place in lesson times.


A reminder for all students going to CERN that final payments need to be made by the 4th February. You should also have received an email this afternoon regarding confirmation of details and insurances. Please contact Alice.Biddiscombe@utcoxfordshire.org.uk if this has not yet come through.
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University Applications (UCAS)

On Monday 1st February at 4pm there will be a meeting in FT42 for all sixth form students who are interested in applying to university. The deadline for the next round of applications is January 15th 2017, which sounds a long way off, but the time to start researching courses, universities and entry requirements is now. In this first meeting, student will be learning how to use the UCAS course search tool which can be found here.

This is a timeline for students starting university in September 2017:

Summer 2016

• Choose your course and up to 5 universities

• Visit universities on their open days

• Write the first draft of your personal statement

• Register with UCAS and begin your online application

1st September 2016

• Applications open (aim to hand yours in as soon as possible!)

• Your school or college will write your reference

15th October 2016

• Admissions deadline for Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science

October – November 2016

• Admissions Tests

October 2016 – March 2017

• Interviews

• Hear back from the universities: conditional offers, unconditional offers or unsuccessful

• UCAS extra for those with no offers

March 2017

• Apply for student finance

May – June 2017

• Exams/BTEC certification

• Apply for accommodation

August 2017

• Results Day

• Clearing or Adjustment – another chance to apply if you do not have a place

September/October 2017

• University or gap year begins

Dates for your diary

2nd February - People are messy workshop - Y10 and 12

9th February - 6th form parents' evening. School will finish at 2.45pm

15th - 19th February - Half term

22nd February - start of term

4th - 7th March - CERN trip