saturn rocks!

How much wider is saturn than earth?

Saturn is almost 10 times wider than earth.
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How far is saturn?

Saturn is 746 million miles from earth.
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How far away is saturn from the sun?

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and 890 million miles from the sun.
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How long does it take to orbit around the sun?

it takes 10 hours for Saturn to rotate, and 29 years and 6 months, for Saturn to orbit around the sun.

How many moons does saturn have?

Saturn has 18 moons
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How long does it take for saturn to rotate?

it takes 10 hours to rotate
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Interesting facts

Saturns rings are flat.Thick clouds cover Saturn. Saturn is a ball of gases and clouds.

when was Saturn discoverd?

Saturn was discoverd in 1610 by Galileo Galilei and named after the roman god of agriculture.
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Saturns Gravity force is 10.44 m/s2. I would weigh 117 pounds.

Can humans survive on Saturn?

No, Saturn is a gas giant, no one can survive on Saturn.

Has Saturn been explored?

Yes, in 1997, the pioneer 11 took place.

What is the surface of Saturn made up of?

Thick clouds cover Saturn, this is is also known as a gas giant.

Does Saturn have rings?

Yes, Saturn has 17 rings.

What is saturns average temperature?

Saturn average temperature is 220 fair and height.

What gasses are on saturn?

Saturn has hydrogen and helium

Is there any life on saturnalia?

There is online on Saturn.