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August 29 - September 2

Reminder: NO School Next Monday - Labor Day - September 5, 2022

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The PHS student school day is 9:15am - 4:00pm. Teachers are available from 8:15am to 4:15pm daily - We encourage you to email teachers directly whenever you are needing assistance. The PHS Main Entrance opens for student arrival beginning at 7:30am.

GREAT start to the new school Year!

The first week was a great success! Students were busy learning their schedule and navigating the building, getting settled in classes, and making new high school memories by getting involved and meeting new people.

Students enjoyed attending the PHS Activities Fair and signing up for activities, athletics, and clubs - a record number of students signed up to take part throughout the year. It's never too late to join - stop by the Activities Office today.

Enjoy Every Moment!

Karla Hawley, Principal

Prairie High School

***Please take a moment to read through the PHS Post each week for the latest updates to all things PHS; if you ever have questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.***

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The Ins and Outs of PHS...

The following are helpful hints to navigating PHS:

  1. The PHS school day is 9:15am - 4:00pm - Teachers are in the building until 4:15pm to provide student assistance at the end of the day.
  2. Students enter PHS through the Main Entrance - a greeter is always there to answer questions and help you navigate where you need to go. The Main Office, Student Services, and Attendance is also located near the Main Entrance if you would have questions or need additional assistance.
  3. School ID - PHS Student IDs are to be visible at all times - Student IDs will also be scanned at lunch for payment, and scanned as students enter and exit the building throughout the day.
  4. All students driving to school need to register their vehicle and purchase a Parking Tag for $10. There are 700 parking spaces so tags are limited - please contact Mr. Jackson with questions.
  5. Students park in Lots A, B, C, E, and F (all are labeled on the light posts). Lots A, B, and C are all on the northeast side of PHS. Lot E is located on the south side and Lot F is an overflow lot located near Creek and the baseball diamonds. All parking is first come, first serve. If students park in Lot E or F they will need to walk around and enter through the Main Entrance - there are sidewalks and walkways around the district office for a shorter commute.
  6. Students attending Kirkwood Community College and Prairie Construction will have a special pass to park in Lot E and enter through the Success Center doors, during the passing times, after period 1(9:57-10:02) and after period 2 (10:44-10:49). Security will be on hand to allow students in. If these students arrive at another time they will need to enter through the PHS Main Entrance - please see Mr. Jackson with questions.
  7. All hallways are in order by number - If your Spanish class is in Room 2317 this classroom is on the 2nd floor ( the 2 of 2317) and in the 300 hall (the 3 of 2317) - so if your Biology class is in Room 2216 - You Got It! 2nd floor in the 200 hall. If you have WAM in Room 1814 - You guessed it, 1st floor in the 800 hall. You've got this!
  8. Departments are grouped together in the same hall or near each other for easy access
  9. Stairwells are color coded - Each stairwell is a different color as a path finder - You will find a red, blue, green, and yellow - Use these to help guide your way.
  10. Lockers - If you would like a locker please stop by the Dean's Complex and see Mrs. Towe, she will provide you with a locker and lock. *You will need to provide a lock for your PE locker.
  11. Open Campus is permitted for Juniors and Seniors only. Sophomores who leave campus, during the school day, will lose their parking privilege.
  12. Students that have an open period in their schedule are to remain in the PHS Commons, PHS Media Center/Library, or on the Learning Stairs located inside the main entrance.
  13. The PHS School Store is located in the PHS Commons. School supplies and water are for sale daily. See Mrs. Schmidt if you have questions about course materials, lunch money, or other payments that need to be made.
  14. The Fan Stand will be open during home games to purchase your Prairie Hawk gear - watch for announcements
  15. Daily Announcements are posted around PHS on monitors and can be found on the PHS website.
  16. PHS Lunch: Lunch A 11:36-11:58pm, Lunch B 12:04-12:26pm, and Lunch C 12:31-12:53pm

PHS Homecoming - On Cloud 9

Saturday, Sep. 24th, 7-10pm

Prairie High School Cafe

Watch for additional Homecoming details to come in the next PHS Post.

Students: READ your EMAIL...

Attention Students: Please read your email at least once per day, important communications regarding your classes, registration, Activities Office, and other updates and announcements are shared with you daily.
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PHS Student Services...

Events and Information

Testing Information

ICAN Support

Student Planning Guides

GT Corner...

Dear GT Families:

The Prairie Gifted & Talented team invites you to our upcoming district GT parent meeting on September 12, 2022 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm held in the High School Gallery Rooms.

As you look at the schedule, please note that the 6:00 session includes a GT overview along with level specific content and programming. We are offering the same level specific content again at 6:40, to allow for families who have students at different grade levels to participate in all sessions. It is not necessary to stay for both breakout sessions if your child/children are in the same grade band.

This evening’s conversations are geared towards adults, as GT students are not expected to attend. Members of the Prairie High School Key Club are offering child care in the high school library for children 12 and under. We can only provide care for children who are potty trained. There will be stations for games, coloring, and movies.

The schedule is as follows:

6:00-6:35 - GT Overview + First Session:

Gallery A - Elementary

Gallery B - 5-6 Creek

Gallery C - 7-9 Point

Gallery D - 10-12 HS

6:40-7:00 - Second Session:

Gallery A - Elementary

Gallery B - 5-6 Creek

Gallery C - 7-9 Point

Gallery D - 10-12 HS

Please see our flyer for our upcoming Advisory Council for Gifted Education council dates.


Prairie GT Teachers

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Career Services: Internships and Job Shadows

Exploring Today's Careers...

WLC Job Shadow/Internship Video

This week during homeroom, all Prairie High School students learned about the importance of career exploration and how to participate in a JOB SHADOW.

With our goal of 100% participation, 291 students logged on to to work on a JOB SHADOW application. Whether students are unsure about their career interests or fairly certain they know what they want to do, WLC job shadow experiences are eye-opening. Both in-person and virtual opportunities available. Students may apply for one job shadow each semester.

Two ways to explore:

  • Career Exploration Days - offer a great introduction to a career field and allow exploration of a broad scope of careers within that industry. We recommend sophomores and students who are just beginning their career exploration journey start with Career Exploration Days.

  • Specific Career Opportunities - perfect for students who are more certain of their career interest and want to focus only on that career. (Priority given to juniors and seniors.)

On average, shadows are typically two to four hours in duration. Apply early as opportunities are limited. Transportation, if required, is the student's responsibility. If transportation is an obstacle, virtual shadows are also an option.

Thank you for encouraging students to take advantage of these important experiences. Please email Mary Gudenkauf at

College and Career Transitions

Hello Prairie Hawks!

My name is Ms. Rawson and I am Prairie's College and Career Transition Counselor (CCTC) from Kirkwood Community College. As a CCTC, my role is to support Prairie High School students in planning for college or career after high school. I can work with students in researching, planning, applying and enrolling in post-secondary options. I have worked in college and career planning for 12 years, most recently in Denver, Colorado where I directed the college and career program at DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School. When I am not working with students, you can find me spending time with my family, rooting for the Chicago Cubs or rediscovering the Corridor area through running. I am so grateful and excited to be a part of the Prairie community and cannot wait to see the impact that Prairie students will make in the world. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or simply to schedule a meeting. I can be contacted at or simply schedule a meeting with me at

Please note, while I am happy to support students from any background, I provide targeted support to students who come from backgrounds or identities that are traditionally underrepresented in higher education including students of color, first-generation college students, students from low-income backgrounds and students who receive IEP and/or ELL services.

Have questions about college or career planning?

Reach out to Ms. Rawson at or schedule an appointment here.

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Need Assistance? We are here to help...

PHS Administration...

Mrs. Karla Hawley, Principal

Mr. Rocky Bennett, Athletic Director

Mr. Travis Sprague, Associate Principal -

Mr. Rich Jackson, Dean of Students (Last Names A-L)

Mrs. Kelly Klekar, Dean of Students (Last Names M-Z)

PHS Main Office and Dean's Complex...

Mrs. Brenda Haendler, Main Office 319.848.5340

Mrs. Lori Pleiness, Athletic Office 319.848.5350

Mrs. Debie Towe, Dean's Complex/Attendance 319.848.5360

Mrs. Angie Wagner, Dean's Complex 319.848.5340 x2052

Officer Janae Obbink, Student Resource Officer

Mrs. Jackie Martin, Nurse 319.848.5340 x2011

PHS Student Services...

Mrs. Laura Fisher, Counseling Secretary 319.848.5344

Mrs. Angela Amunson, Counselor (Students with Last Names A-G)

Mr. Mike Reshetar, Counselor (Students with Last Names H-O)

Mr. Clay Stoffer, Counselor (Students with Last Names P-Z)

Mrs. Erin Hoffman, Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Mrs. Nicole Rawson, Kirkwood: College and Career Transition Counselor.

Mr. Nick Norris, Grades 7-12 Transition Specialist

Mrs. Mary Gudenkauf, Career Services: Internships & Job Shadows

Ms. Karinda Bacon, Counselor - Tanager Services

Ms. Kerry Kilker, Community Engagement Specialist