National Security

Is going to Iraq benifiting the U.S?

Has the war in Iraq made the U.S safer?

Going to Iraq has not made the U.S. safer but instead a bigger target. The U.S. has been in Iraq looking for something that hasn't been found with in ten years of war. Iraq has not been a threat to the U.S. so there was no reason to stick our nose in Iraq's bussiness.

Bush's point of veiw

President Bush was pro towards the war becasue he believed that the war was doing the U.S. good. Also, Bush attacked Iraq in order to ensure the growth of Islamist terrsorism. Later on Bush found the the war was not worth cheaper oil.

Obama's point of veiw

Obama othorized U.S military to go to Iraq in oct.2, 2002, but not wanting to pull out early. Obama wanted to send more troops in 2004.