The Core

December 13, 2019, Volume 11, Issue 15

Notes from the Principal

Hello Parents & Guardians,

I hope I don't sound like a broken record with all my "thank you"s but I have two to share today:

The response to our Giving Mitten Project was very successful and we appreciate every family who went out of their way to help take care of another Orchard family.

Also, a BIG thank you for the delicious cookies that were brought in for us. Like every year, today's Cookie Extravaganza was awesome and we all feel full and very grateful for your support. This is an event that the whole staff looks forward to every year. Thank you!

We had our 2nd All-School Celebration last Friday. Our celebration was a school-wide Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot game. Check out the photo below of kindergartners and first graders battling it out in the playoffs. Congratulations to Josh for winning it all!

By the way - are you getting my subtle photo hints ... our Lost & Found is exploding! Please check through the unclaimed items before vacation.

Have a great weekend, take some time to read with your child.

Mark Trifilio

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PTO News

Thank you to all who supported the Orchard School Book Fair!


A HUGE thank you to all who helped clean the stage and the drama closet on Saturday morning. Carolyn Wyand, Ben Wyand, Lisa Charlebois,Teo Charlebois, Dayna Lorentz, Evie Lorentz, Raechel Barone, Corey Duteau, Levi Duteau, Merin Maxwell, Josie Maxwell and Mark Gabel. There were many trips to Goodwill, the school lobby with free books for kids and the recycling, as well as master shelf building! We sorted the stage and the drama closet and it is all a little more organized. Thank you again!

Annual Cookie Extravaganza: Thanks again to the many families who volunteered to contribute cookies for the event today. Special thanks to Anna Leavy for coordinating the event, and to Marjorie Stinchcombe, Kristen Landerman, and Kathy Batty for day-of help that made the cookie extravaganza possible.

Square One orders are in! Thank you to all the families who supported our school through this event. Particular thanks to Lianne Clearly, who coordinated the event and made sure all of the products made it to where they were supposed to.

Next PTO Meetings: The PTO takes a break during this busy month. Our next monthly meeting is January 13 at 6:30.

Do you have PTO questions? Please find us online:





Kindergarten Carpentry Workshops!

Erica Sawabini brought her carpentry skills to Ms. Walcott's and Ms. Antonioli's classes this week!

New Peter Pan Information

Orchard Drama is currently searching for a printer for the Peter Pan playbill. If anyone has a connection to a local printer, please contact Aimee Hutton at

For more information, go to these links:


Local Author Kate Messner presenting to our 3rd - 5th graders on her "soon to be published" book , Chirp

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Hip Hop Dancing in P.E. Classes!

Shakespeare’s Comedy 12th Night coming to South Burlington

Tuttle Middle School in association with the First Light Theatre Project is warming up the winter season with a new take on Shakespeare’s most popular comedy, Twelfth Night. Set in the rock-fueled era of the 1970s, this production will bring a sense of romantic whimsy and yearning to the coastal region of Illyria.

Comedic mistaken identity and deception abound, as the party rages, the laughter flows, and the live rock music plays on. Twelfth Night is a story of mistaken identity, concealed truth, and comic revelation. When siblings, Viola and Sebastian, are shipwrecked off the coastal region of Illyria, each believes the other to be dead. Viola disguises herself as a man to find employment but unintentionally catches the eye of Olivia, the beloved of her new employer, Duke Orsino. To make matters worse, Viola has fallen for the Duke. The situation gets no less complicated when Sebastian arrives on the scene and is quickly mistaken for his sister, the disguised Viola, and finds himself married to Olivia. Meanwhile, Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Aguecheek are wreaking havoc among the servants with no less need for illusion, confusion, and concealment. In the end, most things work out and everyone at least gets their just deserts. Twelfth Night is filled with dance, folly, poetry, music and a cast of unforgettable characters, as well as some of Shakespeare’s best wisdom and wordplay.

It is most suitable for ages 10 and up. Twelfth Night will be performed on Friday and Saturday, January 10 and 11, 2020 at 7 pm in the South Burlington High School Theatre. Tickets are $10 ($7 for seniors and students) and are available at the door. For more information, or to order tickets online, contact: