Ms. Frehner's Weekly Announcements

March 3, 2014

What's in this week's announcements?

  • Writing Workshop
  • Weekly Snapshot
  • McCaw School of Mines Field Trip
  • NVVA Olympic Sports News
  • March Birthdays
  • NVVA Library

Writing Workshop

Our third quarter writing workshop will begin this week. Each day this week during your regular 1:00 class time you will meet with your ELA teacher to draft, revise, edit, and produce a personal narrative responding to one of two prompts:
  1. You have been chosen by NASA to be the first 4th grader in history to travel into space in a rocket ship. Write a story about your experience including your thoughts, feelings, and events that take place.
  2. Your best friend is going out of town to visit a relative and has asked you to babysit the family's pet chimpanzee named Banana. Write a story about your experience including your thoughts, feelings, and the events that take place.

Completion of this quarter's writing workshop will replace Language Skills 4: Composition Unit 5: Writing to a Prompt. This is a required work sample that all students must complete and submit.

While you will be working on this piece of writing with your ELA teacher, you will need to submit all your work to me via k-mail.

Due Dates:

  • Final Draft - March 12th
  • Digital Presentations - March 19th & 20th

This Week's Work Samples

There will be no work samples this week due to our writing workshop.
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McCaw School of Mines

Friday, March 21st, 10am-12pm

57 Lynn Ln

Henderson, NV

The McCaw School of Mines is a super fun field trip that is only open to 4th grade students. There are specific requirements students must fulfill prior to attending this field trip:
  1. Your Nevada History course in the OLS must be 100% completed.
  2. You must attend the three required McCaw School of Mines prep class connects. (More information to come in a k-mail.)

Because this field trip is only open to 4th grade students, siblings will not be admitted; however, there is a waiting area for parents and siblings.

There is no cost for this field trip.
Please RSVP via the Community Board.

NVVA Olympic Sports News

Some of the fourth graders in my ELA class wrote Olympics sports reports and have created a digital sports newspaper. You can check it out HERE.

March Birthdays

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