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Congratulations to Class of 2021!

Congratulations to the Class of 2021! We wish you all the best as you begin your next chapter in life.

Chapters of Life

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

This stage of life has seen us

Study until we felt like we would bust

But today is the day

We are actually on our way.

Our learning has been great

But for this day we wait

A celebration of graduation

Will it feel like a vacation.

Life brings a new chapter

That is what learning is after

The knowledge to decide

Whether we will go for the ride.

And the coming chapter will see

Success is all up to me

I can move forward with pride

All my learning as a guide.

Chapters of life opening up to me

I will give it my best and be all I can be.

So on this graduation let's reflect

And move forward to achieve what we expect.

Please click on the link below for our PHS Graduation Ceremonies.

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Teen Writers Guild

The Teen Writers Guild of Piscataway High School celebrated its 3rd Book Launch on Monday, June 14, 2021. The event showcased the artistic and literary talents of our PHS students and their creation of this book. This feat is made even more spectacular by this challenging year. Ms. Judith Kristen, the Guild Mentor, Mr. Baldassano, our high school Principal and Dr. Baskerville, our Assistant Superintendent, were just a few of the distinguished guest who addressed the student writers and their parents during the book launch. The book All Is Not Lost is now available on Amazon and at the high school. Congratulations to the talented members of the Teen Writers Guild of Piscataway High School!

PHS Musician Koleby Royston Selected for Carnegie Hall NYO Jazz Summer Program

Congratulations to PHS musician Koleby Royston! Koleby was selected as a member of the Carnegie Hall NYO Jazz Summer Program! Students from all 50 states auditioned and only two drummers were accepted! This is a huge accomplishment! Koleby was also featured in Jersey Jazz Magazine!

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Artwork on Display at PHS

Check out artwork from our Drawing and Painting and Ceramics classes below that was displayed in the G-Wing! Thanks Ms. Amme and Ms. Wartenburg!

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PHS Artists Honored by the Photographic Society of America

Our PHS Artists had photos accepted into the Photographic Society of America Youth Showcase: Ashley Merizalde, Ishita Jain, and Morgan Daly. Students will receive an award and a souvenir booklet. Congratulations to our inspiring students and thanks to Mrs. Lentini-Pombrio!

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Performances to Brighten Your Day

This year's Broadway Cabaret features performances from many of our Drama Club students. Thank you to Mr. Yoson and Mr. Hall for all of your work with our students!

Broadway Cabaret 2021

Musical Theatre Highlight

Our brand new Musical Theatre class put together a highlight reel for you to view. (See below)

This is a ground breaking collaborative class for students to explore all aspects of musical theater that is part of our academy program and it also provides support to students auditioning at the university level. Thanks to Mr. Yoson and Ms. Taylor for all of your work with our students!

Musical Theatre Highlight Reel​

PHS Graduate - Yasin Bennane

Yasin Bennane Piscataway High School graduate of the class of 2014, visited Mrs. Diaz’s Facing History and Ourselves classes on Thursday, June 3rd. Mrs Diaz reports, “It was definitely an amazing experience for my students and me. I'm so proud to say I taught him!” Please read Yasin bio below.

Yasin is a Humanitarian Policy Consultant with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Based in the Policy Branch in New York, Yasin is actively engaged in providing evidence-based and forward-looking policy recommendations to addressing complex humanitarian crises across the globe. As a policy consultant, Yasin works at the interface of humanitarian, human rights, and international law researching emerging trends impacting humanitarian assistance, including climate change, infectious disease, violence and conflict, inequity, and discrimination. Yasin has project experience in the United States and abroad, working for several nonprofit organizations. He holds a Master's degree in Political Science - United Nations and Global Policy Studies, and a Bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science, both obtained from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. At Rutgers, Yasin served as the President of the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, a nonprofit, non-political organization dedicated to providing medical care to children in the Middle East.

PHS Theatre Rising Star Honorees

The PHS Theatre Program was honored with awards at the Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Awards on June 7th! This is the epitome of NJ High School Theatre.

Jace Pastras was awarded The Investors Foundation Rising Star Scholarship and Melly Merida received an achievement award in Scenic Illustrations! Aaron Little was also featured in the footage with a solo performance!

Thank you to Mike Yoson who has developed our presence with Paper Mill and has provided so many opportunities for students beyond our curricular programs. This is an amazing honor. Feel free to check out the ceremony at the link below!

Teacher Appreciation

Over the past year Rebekah Sterlacci, District Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts gathered experiences, events, student art, performances and other photo documentation. Please view the art and joy you all put out into the world! Thank you to all for making the world a better place.

VPA | Teacher Appreciation 2021

Notes of Appreciation - PHS Science

Over the course of this school year, Jessica Pritchard, Department Chair of Science collected many comments of appreciation and gratitude for the PHS science teachers from students, parents, and administrators.

It is a really great representation of how hard the teachers have worked this year to maintain connection with our students, and helped them learn even through all the challenges.

Please take a look .... I promise it will make your day brighter! Thank you for all you do in support of our Pway community!

PHS 2020-21 Vocabulary Bowl Rankings

The 2020-21 Vocabulary Bowl has concluded and it's official 1.3 million students from 43,000 schools collectively mastered more than 36 million words. Please click on Piscataway Township High School to see the results.

#1 Piscataway Township High School Piscataway

PHS Science Highlights

Our PHS students Victoria Garon, Ayush Joshi, Ekta Patel and Ava Atienza entered into the PDB Video Challenge this past school year. Our amazing students created a video, called Sally and the Super SSRIs, where they are both teaching and telling a story that explains how neuronal signals are communicated within our bodies and how pharmacological drugs modulate that signal in a given pathway to treat the symptoms of depression. This is our students’ video: Sally and the Super SSRIs Although they did not win the challenge, we are definitely proud of their efforts!


As part of PHS’s collaboration the Waksman Student Scholars Program at Rutgers University, Victoria Garon, Eliza Mani and Robert Calvert have had the opportunity to work to try to create a physical model of a homolog of protein LSm6 that is coded by the Landoltia cDNA sequence Robert isolated and analyzed during the 2020-2021 academic year. The model will be generated using Jmol scripts of a structure that has coordinates in a Protein Data Bank (PDB) file. We are excitedly awaiting our 3D model.


Students from University California Irvine presented to Dr. Tenenbaum’s Environmental Science class on Friday May 14th. The presentation was about pigment molecules found in NJ wild violet samples that PHS provided to them. PHS was so pleased to (virtually) host these amazing guests, and collaborate on research together!


On Tuesday, June 8th, Mr. Hayes’ class hosted a virtual visit with Dr. Gerard James Hayes. Dr. Hayes is a world expert in antennas and wireless technology. He holds 70+ patents in his field and has worked on an incredibly broad technical applications including satellite biosensor implants, DoD applications, and rural broadband. Dr. Hayes is the Founder and CEO of the Wireless Research Center (WRC) in Wake Forest, NC. He and his team were the subject of a very recent WSJ article. How 5G May Improve Early Warnings of Severe Weather - WSJ PHS was so pleased to (virtually) host this amazing guest!

Pway Arts Senior Send Off

To honor our Seniors please click on the link below Senior Send Off Video celebrating our senior class and a curated playlist for our seniors. Rebekah Sterlacci, District Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts would like all seniors to have the two poems that are included in the Senior Send Off.

Pway Arts Senior Send Off

direct link to the video

Thoughts on the Past Year/ PHS Animation

Gwen Sylvan's Animation Program created a collection of animations. See the link below. Students reflected on the past year in quarantine and created their animations based on their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Thoughts on the Past Year | PHS Animation

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September 2021

September 2 - First day of School for Students

September 6 - Labor Day (Holdiay - School Closed)

September 7 - Rosh Hashanah (Holiday - School Closed)

September 16 - Yom Kippur (Holiday - School Closed)