Alan Turing

The father of modern technology

Alan turing


Alan Turing was born June 23,,1912, in london.He invented the computers and that changed the world. He was a expert in mathematics, in his school he knew the sequence after his teacher told him.He made the turing machine, that is a machine that he inventd for world war 2 for the british and the americans to know the codes of the germans.

Early life

English scientist Alan Turing was born Alan Mathison Turing on June 23, 1912, in Maida Vale, he displaid at a young age,he was really good at math that the teacher were amazed and he did all corrections to the teacher in math, but he didnt respect and didnt had good conduction in school.Then he interested in science st the age of

When he was older he went to the university of Cambridge, he went from 1931 to 1934 in England. Turing was elected as the fellow from a school upon his graduacion.

Over the next two years ,turing studied mathematics and cryptology at the institute for advance study in Princeton .