Home Design of the future

By:Erika Hull

a) 1. Sustainable ecosystem

My home will be located in the boreal forest region in northern Alberta. A benefit of living in this area is that the trees will always provide us with an abundant source of burning wood for the cold winters. I will use selective cutting so I do not affect the environment as much as clear cutting, I will also plant seeds for trees where I cut them down. The trees will create lots of clean oxygen, unlike living in a city. There is also easy access to fresh water which I will use to provide energy, by using a generator. To create a green environment within my home I will plant the peace lily. In doing such I will eliminate filters because the peace lily is a environmentally friendly way of cleaning the air in the home. This flower absorbs harmful chemicals commonly found in a home such as benzene, formal dehyde, tritchlororoe thylene etc. For maximum air quality I will gather the plants in larger pots insead of scattering them.
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2. My garden

I will plant the Anise Hyssop Agastache Foeniculum. This is a native plant to northern alberta in which will provide me with fresh leaves for herb, dried leaves for tea, plant divisions, fresh or dried flower heads and seeds. this plant grows in semi shade.

I will also plant low bush berries, these are also native to alberta. this plant will provide me with fresh fruit.

Many varieties of apple trees grow well in alberta so I will also plant two apple trees. in doing this it will create a good cross pollination. The two I will plant are "wealthy" and "Norland". I will not use any pesticides for this garden because it could affect other wildlife and the environment.

3. Mode of transportation

I will use a horse and buggy. Using this way of transportation I will not only eliminate the use of gas (which produces pollution, creating global warming), but my horse will also provide me with fertilizer for my garden. This method is better then a car or other alternatives. For example it will take me long distances unlike a bike.
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4. Waste Managment system

I will compost as it is not only good for the environment but also will provide me with soil that is rich in nutrients. I will also recycle my products and reuse as much of my waste as possible.

5. Endangered species

My family will sponsor the peregrine falcon. I choose this beautiful specie as it is local to Alberta and also vital for the environment. Agricultural and industrial use of pesticides has brought this bird to the verge of extinction. Although Pesticides are watched throughout Canada and the U.S, people proceed to use them on their crops . These Pesticides pass up the food chain and make their way to the falcons prey. The pesticide build ups in the falcon and later affects its embryos not allowing them to reproduce. The main prey of falcons is mice and without falcons the population of mice would increase rapidly. Therefore causing an imbalance throughout the ecosystem and environment of the boreal forest. The population has slowly becoming more stable as twenty years ago there were no breeding pairs in Alberta. Now there are 30 pairs across the province. This does not mean we can stop caring for this necessary animal as it will become extinct in front of our eyes.
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b) Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

1. Chemicals in our household

Common household products contain harmful chemicals such as detergent. Detergent contains chlorine which is not only harmful for your health, but also the environment.The water in the machines, which contains chlorine from the detergents, transfers the chlorine to the air. Causing us to breathe the contaminated air. Instead I will choose cleaning products made without chlorine.

Air freshener also contains harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. At very high concentrations formaldehyde can cause nasal cancer. To avoid this chemical I will make my own air freshener by combining herbs from my garden and smashing them.

Soap may also contain toxic chemicals such as benzophenone-2. Although this chemical may be considered an organic pollutant, people are constantly using it and is seen affecting our wildlife. As this chemical enters our environment ad water ways, it kills off coral reefs. If it is continued to be used, the reefs could become extinct in a couple decades.

2,3&4. Element

Chlorine is a chemical element in detergent. It is found in the halogen family and is a non metal, since it is on the right side of the stair step.
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c) The Characteristics of electricity

1.electrical energy sources.

I will use the local wetlands as a source of energy, to do so I will use a generator. This source of fresh water can also provide me with drinking water and for other necessities. But before I can use the water it will need to go through a filtration system I will put in. The trees will also provide me with burning wood for the cold winters and a log cabin. I will use selective cutting and replant trees for where I took them down. As long as I replant the trees I cut down this resource of burning wood will be sustainable for future years.
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2. Energy efficient features

To make my house more energy efficient I will add carpets throughout the house. Using carpets instead of wood floor is better as it traps in the heat as northern Alberta is chilly. My house will also be painted black since it absorbs the sun, helping to keep my house warmer. I will also use energy efficient windows. These special type of window insulate the house while reducing air leakage. Which will reduce energy costs in my home. I will finally add a green roof to my house as it will help with storm weather (Alberta has lots of rain) and help insulate the roof, while helping the environment. By using all the energy efficient features, I wont have to burn as much wood in the winter as my home will be able to keep the heat within, and help the environment.

3.energy efficiant appliances

I will use energy star clothes dryers, clothes washers, freezers and refrigerators. These products provide a way for businesses and consumers to save money, while at the same time, protect our environment. This means these products are using less kw/h then the typical machine. Thus saving me money and helping the environment.

4. Light bulbs

To make my home as energy efficient as possible I will use led lights. LED lights do not draw energy in the same way that incandescent lights do, they cost about 80% less to operate. LED lights also do not contain mercury as other lights do.
Incandescent bulbs put more energy into creating heat then light (not what you want), making people use more energy for air conditioning. LED lights put almost all there energy to producing light , which is why they are more efficient.

d) study of the universe


Aerogel insulation was originally made for space shuttles, I will be using it for installation. This fabric has excellent insulation properties and can resist temperatures up to 650°C due to the material’s porosity. Even if it were to be exposed to high temperatures the material will never burn (there is a chance of forest fire in boreal forest). .

This fabrics thermal efficiency is greater then all other installations. This means it will help save energy in my home.

NASA created and researched water purification systems to turn wastewater from respiration, sweat and urine to drinking water. This was created to help astronauts living on the international space station and sustain them with water. This will be good for my home as I will be using the wetlands water as a source of drinking water and it needs to be clean. This advanced water purification system will help me do so.

2. My telescope

I will have a telescope in my house design. I would observe Pluto because it is one of the harder planets to see as it is distant. This year is also the best year to observe this dwarf planet as it will spend the rest of 2015 circling the Teaspoon of Sagittarius. Pluto is one of the most distant planets making it the most intriguing as amateurs are still able to see it through a telescope. I would want to look at Pluto myself because its one of the most interesting planet, or dwarf planet, as it is uncertain.
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