The Flu

By:Grace Perales

Daily life: The flu makes you feel run down and sore.

The flu is transferred by little water droplets. When a infected person sneezes or coughs by you it could give you the flu

Symptoms: sore throat,fever,headaches,muscle aches,congestion, and chills

Cells that are effects by the virus are the immune systems. Another one is the respiratory system. The digestive system can be effected as well with the lose of appetite.

Another name for the flu is influenza.

What it does to your body

The virus uses your body to replicate it self in your body. Producing more and more of it to the cells in your body burst eventually pouring the virus out to all of your body. There aren't to many cases were there are long term effects. Some cases are pneumonia,immune system not working, and kidney failure.

To stop the flu from happening you can get the flu shot. Which is 70-90% affective.

Depending on the type of symptoms you have different treatments you will want to use. If it's sinus you can take decongestants like sudafed. Most people take zanamivir if your over the age over 7 to take most to all symptoms away. There are many home treatments you do.
Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body