Happy Birthday Kathy!

From the team!

We hope your day is filled with so much joy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful person who helps spread joy throughout the land! You are an amazing, caring, and kind human that knows how to celebrate the good in everyone. Now it is time to celebrate you. Enjoy your day. Sending big hugs. ~Bobbi Haworth

Kathy-Happy Birthday! I hope you have something wonderful planned! It has been a joy working with you. The WAVA students and learning coaches are so fortunate to have you! Becky

Kathy, I hope you have a fantastic Birthday. You are such an amazing, giving and caring person. Take care f yourself and make it a special day. Erin Gunn

Kathy, you are kind and I have really enjoyed working with you. Our school is so lucky to have someone who so passionate. I hope you take the day to do something just for you! ` Denise

Happy Birthday, Kathy! We are so fortunate to have you as a teammate. You always have a positive spin on things. ~ Cheryl

Happy Birthday Kathy!!! I have missed you! Looking forward to working with you daily again once school starts back up. Have a fabulous birthday!

Love Cindy Alexanian

Happy Birthday to my fellow grandmother and wonderful co-worker!! I hope you have an amazing day J Hugs, Cindy Pascoe

Happy Birthday, Kathy! Hope your day is as wonderful as you! ~ Heather

Happy Birthday Kathy! So glad to get to know you better this year!

Have a great day!


Happy Birthday Kathy! I hope that you enjoy some wonderful time out of the office and away from all of the amazing work you’ve done this year. May your next year be as absolutely fantastic as you are! ~ Amy